I’m a business book junkie. I’ve read and reviewed more than 300 business books over the last couple of years for Small Business Trends. Overall, it’s a blessing to have an average of three business books per week show up on my doorstep for review. It’s actually become part of a morning ritual for me.Each morning, I get up early, grab my cup of coffee and either read or review one of these books that I’ve picked out to review. books

But today, as I opened to read and take notes on a new book, something struck me — has anyone ever pulled a book off-the-shelf, read it, applied it and used the advice given to take their business to the net level?

When you think about all the research, time, money and effort that authors go through to write a book with the intention of helping small business owners build and grow their business — what have been the actual results?

Is there a business book that you’ve read — ever — that has really made a big impact on your business?

If so, what book is it and what did you implement from the book that has changed your business?