In years past, if you were in business, you were excited and rolling high until a competitor came in to town and started chewing away bits of business. So many businesses feared their competitors with a scarcity mindset.

It was a Dog Eat Dog? world.

But times have changed. Funny thing is that they really didn’t. It’s just that the standard business owner has now realized what successful business owners have known for a long time.

It’s not about competition. It’s about collaboration.

Businesses that are succeeding in today’s world are forming alliances with similar businesses to create synergy that isn’t possible without the cooperation of each other.

And when done right, both businesses can create even more profit and growth than they would ever have been able to do on their own.

Its the old 1+1=3 model.

So how can you create synergistic alliances for your business?

Create your Hit List?. Who are the top 25 people you could work with that serve the same types of clients you do?

Maybe someone that is similar and might be considered a competitor but actually has a different unique specialty that you lack. Maybe another business in a totally different industry that serves the same clients you do.

Sit down and make a list of who those perfect partners might be for you.

That’s where you start. Those 25 are just the tip of the iceberg Find your first 25 and see how you can work with them to help grow each others business together as a team.

You will be amazed on how fast you can grow your business just by focusing on these relationships and less on how they might steal your business.