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This post is one in a series of tips designed to guide small business owners through the challenges of today’s startup environment and is sponsored by Canon MAXIFY the printer lineup designed to help small business owners increase productivity so that they can focus on everything else that matters. For more information about the Canon MAXIFY printer lineup visitCanon MAXIFY?




We’ve just finished up the launch of the 2015 Bizapalooza – an online event where small business owners can connect with influencers and Rock Their Biz! Bizapalooza is being sponsored by my friends at Canon and their MAXIFY line of printers. And as a part of that, you’ll see ongoing conversations on Twitter using the #BizapaloozaChat hashtag.

This one was inspired by a? Social Media Examiner’s article about Lewis Howes that has gotten a lot of shares.It’s titled “Passion to Profit” and features and interview with Lewis Howes and how he pivoted his business model and focus into something that he loves and went directly into a book deal.

Sounds like a dream come true — something you’d like to do. Maybe, something you’ve been dreaming of or purchased some programs, listened to some experts and tried to do but failed. What do these “Passion to Profit” millionaires have that you don’t What are you missing?

If “Passion to Profit” is a Story You Tell Yourself, Here’s How to Create a Happy Ending

I’ve gotten curious about this “Passion to Profit” idea. I’ll tell you straight out — it’s an extremely profitable market — this “Passion to Profit” crowd. You might have even heard this called “Opportunity Seekers”. Savvy marketers know that there is a huge population of small business dreamers out there who are tired of the rat race, tired of making money for someone else, tired of the cubicle, tired of “the man” tired of being tired. If you’re not clear about what’s driving or motivating your passion, you run the risk of investing your precious time and hard earned money fulfilling on another marketer’s passion to profit and missing out on your own.

Passion to Profit is a STORY that you tell yourself. If you’re NOT living the Passion to Profit Dream, it’s probably because you have combined, collapsed and intertwined multiple kinds of passion into one business and gotten entangled in the passion so much that you’ve forgone a profit.

Is Your Passion a NOUN, a VERB or an OUTCOME?

You can be passionate about something — like skiing, food, dancing, gardening. I’m calling this being passionate about a NOUN.

Let’s say you’re passionate about FOOD. You like cooking and you’re a good cook and people are always saying that you should open a restaurant. You open a restaurant and fail miserably.You failed because you were passionate about the NOUN (food) and NOT about the VERB (running a restaurant). There is a difference.

Being passionate about a VERB, means that you are passionate about?running a particular process. In the world of online marketing, you’ll notice that many successful people are extremely good at running a PROCESS. This process might be email marketing, or SEO or affiliate marketing. They have learned a system and they LOVE running this system. These are folks who dabble in multiple markets, but they are masters at processes. I’ve heard many of these folks say that they don’t care so much about what the subject or the topic is, what turns them on is the game of crafting offers, buying Facebook ads, strategizing with SEO and watching their numbers go up. This is what it looks like to be passionate about a PROCESS. And that is a VERB.

Then there’s the being passionate about an OUTCOME. In this case, you are spanning the spectrum that starts at being passionate about controlling your day and having time for your family all the way to making a difference in the world. Regardless of which outcome you want, being passionate about the outcome means that you will trudge, muddle and make your way through all of the trying, annoying, difficult mundane activities that have to happen to ultimately reach the outcome you’re passionate about.

So where do your passions lie? ?The answer to this question will ultimately drive your marketing decisions. There’s nothing worse than THINKING that you’re passionate about a PROCESS, when you’re really crazy about the TOPIC. Maybe you THINK you’re passionate about an OUTCOME – making a difference in the world, when you’re really passionate about a PROCESS.

Passion Feeds Your Fire

None of these different passion motivators are mutually exclusive. Far from it — being passionate about an outcome can influence what topic you focus on and then give you the energy to learn and take on processes you never thought you’d learn. So they are connected. But if you want to be successful, it helps to be clear about what’s driving the actions you take.


Are You Wasting Your Passion?

As you start your weekend, I challenge you to take some quiet time and think about passion a little differently.

  • What subjects or things are you passionate about?
  • What do you love doing – what processes energize you?
  • What outcomes are you committed to?

Get real and honest with yourself about these things. Don’t get hooked into some other marketer’s story about what made them millions. They are successful because they are honest with themselves about where their passion lies — and they don’t forget it.

And remember when I said that “passion to profit” is a story. It’s a story that you get to write. Choose your passions, be honest and clear about them and write your own profit story.

Passion is…Yours to Make

All of this talk about passion in its different forms and motivations is one of the reasons I’m so excited about partnering with Canon and their MAXIFY line of printers. About a month ago, I went to the CanonEXPO in New York. They did NOT pay my way, although they did give me and a team member a free entrance into the exhibit.

I went to the CanonExpo on my own dime because I wanted to see all the different faces of Canon. And I was not disappointed. They had exhibits and art installations in what seems to be every market under the sun. I can’t express to you how HUGE this exhibition was – it took up the entire Javitz Center.

What I experienced there is passion for the customer. Every Canon person I ran into whether it was outside taking a break or inside at any exhibit was passionate about their product and the company they worked for.

You know how we marketers are – we can spot salesy BS from a mile away. And what shocked me — yes shocked is the word, is how consistent each Canon person was. Each was curious about my business, each answered any questions and offered interesting insights to the products they were representing.

This wasn’t something I expected – especially from such a large global organization. But it was there. That’s called making all forms of passion work in your business no matter how large or how small.

You can do it – it’s Your’s to Make