In today’s tweet chat we’re talking about word-of-mouth marketing. It’s fantastic when the stars align and word-of-mouth comes naturally, but you don’t have to wait for that magical chemistry to get word of mouth to work for you.

Here are some common questions around word-of-mouth marketing and how DIYMarketers work it to their advantage:

  • What’s the difference between word-of-mouth and referrals?

nrohrbach: Q1: I see WOM as name dropping in casual conversation, where referrals are direct “go here” conversations

JadeYG: In my understanding you got the referrals from the people who is backing you up with word-of-mouth #DIYMKT

burkonsconsult: Referrals – someone gives you a person to contact for potential business; wom – someone tells another person about you. #DIYMKT

JadeYG: Agreed RT @DIYMKTchat So WOM is the story and the excitement, but referrals is where they are closer to action

mariaduron: Q1: WOM can B positive or negative, double-edged sword. Referrals are always positive testimony w/ur rep on the line #DIYMKT

burkonsconsult: Referral – call to action by someone to contact someone else about something they need or to get information about some topic. #DIYMKT

  • In what ways do you use word of mouth marketing?

helpitcrashed: RT @helpitcrashed: WOM also includes reviews online in my book like / #diymkt

nrohrbach: Q3: WOM starts with your Brand. Build your company on solid customer service in addition to great product, the WOM will follow. #diymkt

burkonsconsult:?@DIYMKTchat is right abt focus on your goals. You can control where you send it, but you cannot control where it goes afterwards. #DIYMKT

KayHunter:?@nrohrbach Not only does WOM follow, but it also may define customers U didn’t know or target. #diymkt

mariaduron: Q3: Visibility,credibility+connect-ability.R u visible 2 ur niche + those who hang out w/ur niche? How do ppl sample ur credibility? #DIYMKT

burkonsconsult:?@KayHunter Exactly my point. You can only control the origination, not the viral (hopefully) effect. #DIYMKT

  • What works best for word of mouth?

burkonsconsult:?U can ask ur clients to give ur name to ppl they meet in future who need your services/products. Uncontrollable, but great gift! #DIYMKT

helpitcrashed:?@burkonsconsult If your service/product is great that should be a natural reaction…..will tell friends about you…great…etc. #diymkt

  • How have you creatively used social media to build word of mouth?

KayHunter: Q4: I use video “thank U 4 following”s rather than automated 1s to get people’s attention. Have had results much gr8r than expected. #diymkt

DIYMKTchat: Q4: Cool slides on how to use social media to build buzz and WOM #DIYMKT

KayHunter:?@JadeYG “United Breaks Guitars” had over 3M hits in about 10 days. #diymkt

  • How are you measuring word-of-mouth campaigns?

helpitcrashed:?@DIYMKTchat ref WOM/websites WOM & ROI,with incentives like discounts you track new clients having them mention source for discount #diymkt

burkonsconsult: Q3: You can only control a portion of your WOM campaign. It’s like PR – send the word out there & hope it gets picked up. #DIYMKT

  • The Secret to Great Word of Mouth!

ScottBradley:?@DIYMKTchat Secret is…BE REAL to those you communicate with + help people feel they are part of something bigger than themselves #diymkt

nrohrbach: Q5: The secret to WOM, be genuine in all biz efforts, put out a great product and put out fires with tact and compassion. #diymkt

helpitcrashed: AGREED!!! Q5: The secret to WOM, be genuine in all biz efforts, put out a great product and put out fires with tact and compassion. #diymkt

mariaduron😕Q5: My secret is knowing my niche (the group of ppl I like 2 work w/that give me the most pleasure + profit) + the my WOM system #DIYMKT