4 Basics of Brand Publishing and 40+ Tools to Get it Done



Here is a list of fantastic WordPress plugins that will really make your content management process easier.

I would recommend you check each of them out carefully because you don’t want to overwhelm your blog with plugins – it can really slow your web site performance down. So check each one out and choose the one that works best for you.


  1. Issuu ? Have ebooks or whitepapers you want to make easier to grab? Then Issuu is what you are looking for. Not only does the plugin allow you to display the publications, but it also allows you to find an audience through their main curation site.
  2. WP Publication Archive ? If you don’t want to go through the step of using a third party service to share your publication, WP Publication Archive makes the process of self-hosting easy.
  3. WordPress SEO by Yoast ? This plugin makes it extremely easy to manage the search engine optimization of your WordPress publication.
  4. Organize Series ? This plugin allows you to create a taxonomy that links items in a series. It’s really helpful for your expert columnists to get multiple page views.
  5. Magma ? This application will help you manage your collaborators and then publish their collaborations through WordPress.
  6. Storify ? This service lets you build your publication into a curation portal like we saw from GE and Adobe above.
  7. IssueM ? Lets you build a magazine or issue based publication out of WordPress
  8. Pokret ? Another great magazine publishing website.
  9. Members ? Allows you to have more control of user rights. This will be important if you have collaborators helping you with your production.
  10. Use Google Libraries ? This helps with the overall performance of your site. It allows for decreased bandwidth and faster loading.
  11. W3 Total Cache ? This is another great performance tool that improves the user experience by speeding up your site.
  12. MyCurator – This is a great plugin for content curation that actually surfs the web for you and pulls stories that best match your keywords.