DIYMarketers’ mission is to “Simplify Marketing” – our goal is to help small business owners “make sense of marketing”.  Things that you (as an expert) take for granted are often confusing to our audience.  So, content that explains your area of expertise and breaks it down into actionable details does best.

Think of DIYMarketers as a cross between “Consumer Reports” and “Real Simple Magazine” We are a go-to publication for small business owners who are cash strapped, time strapped and just want the short skippy on where to go and what to do.

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Want to GUARANTEE Your Post Will be Published?

Here are a few of our highest performing posts.

Each of these posts is

  • Providing answers to real questions readers have — that they can’t find anywhere else online.
  • Written in grammatically correct English
  • Providing specific how-to information that readers can use.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have no problem being published.

our links are no follow

We want you to post your content here because it gets widely distributed — not because you’re going to get a backlink.  We do this because we are a media publication and as a media publication it’s standard for links to be no follow.

We DO promote all of our posts across our broad community via social media sharing for about 60 days.

If your content is good — you will see a bump.

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