A Guest post by Sam Peters

As a DIY marketer or entrepreneur, you’ve surely read multitudes about the benefits of marketing through social media websites. Chances are similarly high that you’ve entertained advice about blogging for your business and brand as well. It’s in considering the particular avenues and strategies associated with these marketing platforms, however, that the real difference between great success and mediocrity looms.

In the entrepreneurial spirit of things, it’s a common sentiment shared by many of us do-it-yourselfers to want our own original platforms in the electronic domain, and in particular, to own a unique and relevant domain name from which to launch our brand or blog. However, the reality of the incredibly widespread use of the internet dictates that this is often not a possibility. Sure, there are tons of available domain names out there still, but the chances of one of them fitting perfectly with your brand’s sleek conceptual image is slim.

It’s for reasons like this, as well as others, that guest blogging can be a hugely important tool in generating new leads and giving new audiences a taste of your brand. Here we focus on 3 of these reasons for your marketing strategy consideration.

– Easy Self-Promotion: Guest blogging offers a great way to promote yourself and your businessfrom various already-popular sites. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this is the ability to use sites that often have a great domain name and a high SEO ranking as launching points for your brand or website. Companies like www.1800vending.com have great, entrepreneurial idea-specific domain names that immediately generate hits just by virtue of their domain.

And while this specific domain doesn’t happen to be a blog, the number of similarly relevant domain names taken by blogs with viable guest posting options is huge: blogs just like the one you find yourself on now as a matter of fact.

– Unique Audiences: Nearly as extensive as the number of blogs out there (over 170 million), is the number of different topics covered by these sites. The benefit of guest posting on a wide array of blogs, and thus to a hugely diverse audience, as opposed to blogging solely on your own individual, single-topic site, should be fairly obvious: a much greater and diverse exposure.

Instead of writing about one topic, try guest blogging about a number of different brand-relatable subjects that can draw various potential clients and customers in from all over the blogosphere. Consumers appreciate a company that shows great diversity and versatility.

– Less Restriction: Guest blogging or posting also carries with it a greater amount of freedom than solely blogging for your own site. As a guest blogger, you not only have the option to use various and diverse blogs as platforms for your business as discussed in the previous point; you also have a similar amount of personal freedom in terms of when/how often you post. Maintaining a successful blog brings with it a good amount of time dedicated to posting regularly and often to keep readers interested and regularly following your blog.

As a business owner and DIY marketer, the unfortunate reality is that we often don’t have the time necessary to maintain such habits. Guest blogging then, offers a unique solution to that problem, by affording us great avenues for generating more viewers, and the freedom to post when and where we want without worrying about losing expectant, regular followers.

While being an entrepreneur and a general DIY kind of guy or girl can at times be quite challenging, there are some great solutions out there to meet these many challenges we all face. Among others, guest blogging is one of the best avenues used in a successful and diverse personal marketing campaign, and should be strongly considered as a part of your strategy for success.