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Get Ready to Iron Out Differences on Social Media

I opened up my newsfeed and quickly spotted an interesting pattern: people are airing out their grievances openly on social media and leaving it to the court of public opinion to decide the outcome. Check

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Join This Influencer Marketing Conference and Learn to Make Your Mark

Ready to start building influence in your industry? Do you have influence you haven’t tapped fully? Or, maybe you’re in charge of your company’s influencer marketing campaigns and need some fresh

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Have You Seen This? Organizing Tasks and Teams Just Got Insanely Easy

What would you do with an extra 30 days in your year? I’ve just delegated away about six hours of tedious work every week! This equates to 24 hours per month, 288 hours or about 30 days per year that

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How to Create B2B Content Buyers Want to Read (Plus some implementation tips)

Are you writing what your potential customers want to read? It’s no secret that there is a glut of content. This is simply inconsumable by the average person. And the Demand Gen data proves the point.

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Become a Hashtag Power User

Hashtags are one of those simple things you can add to my marketing practice that don’t take a lot of time, don’t cost money and deliver results.  Want to know a secret? I’ve not been doing “hashtags”

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The Marketing Minimalist Manifesto – How to Focus on What Matters

Complexity does not equal smart. Simplicity is smart. It’s easy. Marketing Minimalism is the new way to simplify your business and your life as a small business owner. No, customers aren’t spontaneously

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Rock n’ Roll Marketing: Lessons From KISS

A lot of time has passed since the 70’s; a divisive decade built on fertile ground that led to some of the most celebrated movements and achievements in music, film, art, and popular culture–

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Think Small, Grow Big: Using the Right Data for Effective Marketing

There’s nothing wrong with thinking big; but, as far as data goes, you might want to consider thinking small first. There is tons of value to be found in big data in many facets of running a business.

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New Research: Backlinks Still Matter if You Want to Rank in Google

I’ve had this love-hate relationship with Google.  I am NOT a Google expert and my Google expert friends are always telling me to focus on content and writing for the reader.  Yet, I’ve always

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Best Survey Tools for Small Business

Every year hundreds of thousands of small business owners throw in the towel on their business – and their dream dies. Sure — there are all these studies about WHY these businesses failed,

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