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3 Low Cost Productivity Tools You Can’t Live Without

When running your business as a DIY marketer, time is of the essence? in everything we do! With that being said, at South Street & Co., we like to run our business well and efficiently. We don?t waste

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How to Handle Facebook When You’re a DIY Marketer

Facebook marketing has gotten to be one of the tougher platforms to market on, especially if you?re a business. The reach has decreased, if no one clicks on your posts, your interaction decreases as well. The

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4 Free Productivity Strategies for DIY Marketers

Productivity isn’t just about getting a lot done, it’s getting the right things done. When people come to me for consulting, one thing I am always asked is, ?What should I be doing now with

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How To Create Easy Email Marketing Campaigns For Your Business on MailChimp

Small business marketing encompasses a lot of different things, but one thing you should be doing is collecting your customer?s email addresses. I know what you?re going to ask next, ?Why is this so important?

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WordSwag: The App That You?ll Thank Back

Every marketer loves a good picture app. Especially one that does all the work for you. I?m no different. When those fun, wordy quote photos became popular I couldn?t figure out how to make them for

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Pinterest For Beginners: The Ultimate How To Use Pinterest Guide

Pinterest for beginners is something businesses should be thinking about, especially if they sell a product. Pinterest also has a huge amount of popularity and it’s ever-growing.?Here are some stats

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Instagram For Photographers: How to Use Instagram Like a Pro

Are you a photographer looking for some simple and powerful tips on how to use Instagram? Here they are. As we all know, social media is constantly changing. There are more apps that are coming into

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