How many times have you looked at your website or email subscriber list and wondered where to start to improve?

While there are many areas to look at, your click-through rate is one of the most important to track. Think of your click-through rate as the ultimate profit generating number to know.

A low number and your dollar figures will reflect it, a high number and your dollar figures will be more encouraging.

Take the first step to a higher click-through rate

The good news is that there are steps you can take to improve your bottom line, known as your click-through rate. Here are 10 steps to seeing a higher percentage of clicks:

  1. Revise your From? section. Do you use a company name or your personal name? While company names are great for branding, incorporating your own name with it is a great tactic. Using your name @ XYZ Corporation gives your readers more of a connection with you.
  2. The subject line speaks volumes. Although subject lines are typically about 50 characters, the impact extends far beyond that simple character number. Your subject line should intrigue, compel and entice readers to open your email. In order to increase your bottom line, your open rate is one the quickest and easiest things to alter.
  3. Tell a story. If you are offering a product or service for sale a story about how that particular product has helped you is highly effective. Stories are engaging. Readers relate to stories because they are non-intrusive and good for mental images.
  4. Use a post script. A post script or P.S. is a unique way of telling your readers that this is the last chance to take advantage of what I’m offering. And, here are the reasons why you should click. A P.S. can mean the difference between someone clicking on your offer and not.
  5. Create a sense of urgency. Urgency entices people to act quickly. If you’ve seen a sale ending today, doesn’t that make you more inclined to purchase that item today, rather than waiting till tomorrow? The same is true with emails.
  6. Remove distractions. While colored fonts and pretty styles are fun to play with, all they do is distract the reader from your message.
  7. Use numbers.? Using numbers conveys exactness. They also draw the eye and attract attention. Try using numbers in your subject line and watch your open rates go up. Additionally, using exact numbers in the body of your message gives people a concrete fact something that is specific and actionable for example, dates, prices and times.
  8. Ask a question.? Surprisingly, just asking a simple question in your message can yield huge feedback and engagement from your readers. Ask them a question about something you wrote the engagement means high click-throughs!
  9. Placement of your call to action.? Positioning your call to action near the top of your email message gives readers the opportunity to get right to the info. Also include another one further down the message.
  10. And finally, offer compelling content.? Sending an email message just for the sake of sending something out not only wastes your time, but your subscribers time as well. And even further, sending worthless messages may lead them to unsubscribe from your list altogether.

Higher Click-through Rate Means Higher?

Sales!? If there’s one reason your click-through rate deserves some attention, it’s for the increase in profits. Not only does it mean higher profits for you, but your customers will appreciate the informative and engaging emails.

Even a slight increase in your email click-through rate can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Try a few different methods out and let me know what your results are!