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9 Twitter Analytics & Statistics Tools You May Not Have Tried Yet

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Building a strong Twitter following involves a lot of strategies, including timely and engaging posts, promoting yourself and your brand, and much more. But another strategy that’s vital is gathering statistics about your Twitter account – including what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s a look at eight Twitter analytics and statistics tools that can help you understand what works while growing your online following.

Twitter Counter

Price – The most popular business plan costs $40 per month.

Pros – Twitter Counter allows you to track information about the number of people who follow you and includes various graphs, an arrow that shows if you’re seeing an increase or decrease in followers.

Cons – The features are rather basic for the amount charged for the “tiered” version.

Ideal for – People who work in marketing fields who really want to see how successful a particular Twitter account is.


Price – PeerIndex is now part of Brandwatch Analytics and offers different subscription packages based on your business’ needs.

Pros – PeerIndex features its “Topic Fingerprint” that illustrates the types of topics you have tweeted about. You also get a PeerIndex rank based on authority, audience and activity.

Cons – You must connect your Twitter account with their site.

Ideal for – Those who are interested in what’s trending and gaining more insight about your audience.


Price – Available by contacting Klout directly

Pros – It’s not only useful on Twitter, but is also helpful for Google users. Klout shows you how much influence users have on social networking sites.

Cons – Twitter users must tie their account to Klout because it’s a third party app.

Ideal for – Users who want to calculate who they influence and who influences them.


Price – Free

Pros – TweetValue is a fun tool that allows you to enter your twitter username to see how much your Twitter account is worth.

Cons – It doesn’t explain where they get their information.

Ideal for – For those interested in the value of a Twitter account, but also how effective and reachable it is.


Price – Free, but donations are encouraged.

Pros – It doesn’t require users to sign in through their Twitter or Facebook account. You can also check out others’ stats.

Cons – TweetStats doesn’t use HTTP Secure (HTTPS / SSL) certificate.

Ideal for – People who are wary of tying their social media accounts to third-party apps.


Price – Free

Pros – It lets you find out your Twitter accounts most mentioned users, favorite words, while providing intelligence ratings and more.

Cons – You’re must connect it with your Twitter account.

Ideal for – Accounts that are written in English (for calculating your favorite words).


Price – Free

Pros – Shows you a graph relating to what days of the week and times of the day you tweet the most. You don’t have to tie your Twitter account to it.

Cons – Only offers one graph.

Ideal for – Someone primarily interested in the times and days of tweets.

Twitter Analytics

Price – Free

Pros – Gives you in-depth details about your followers and audience. Site is divided into three categories – Tweets, Followers and Twitter Cards.

Cons – Twitter Cards only available after an approval process.

Ideal for – Businesses, but also anyone who uses Twitter.


Price – Free fora100 Tweet history

Pros – Provides basic statistics of total impressions as well as the number of individual accounts reached by a Twitter Handle/Account or Hashtag.

Cons -You can’t easily compare campaigns or tweet reach reports with each other

Ideal for – Businesses, but also anyone who uses Twitter.

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