The 3 Best Marketing Books To Get Customers and Boost Sales For Your Small Business

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Small businesses need big ideas to stay strong. Striking it out on your own isn’t easy, and there’s plenty of challenges to overcome professionally and personally in order to stay successful. When it comes to starting your own business and making the most of the materials you have, there’s no doubt that you need to digest every essential piece of marketing advice you can.

Plenty of people have written about how to make the most of their small business endeavors. However, there are some books that deserve your undivided attention.

1. Do It! Marketing by David Newman

Readers love this book by David Newman. He gives a comprehensive system for effective marketing that works for businesses. With ideas, strategies and exercises, David Newman hammers the point that marketing with action makes real results happen. The front cover of the book boasts that the reader will find, ?77 instant action ideas to boost sales, maximize profits and crush your competition.

David urges you to use captivating marketing strategies that pull qualified people into your zone, situate yourself as the expert in your field and become the ultimate choice to your customer within your market.

It will also give you the lowdown on how to do social media the right way, get referrals for your company and spot high payoff activities that you’ll want to spring for immediately.

Newman reveals what the selling process is really about. Speaking to his readers with deliberation, he reminds the marketer that it’s all about potential customers. Knowing who you are as a seller and who they are as a buyer is key.

Do It! Marketing? is a fast read and will give you plenty of ideas to get the customers and clients you need to keep your business healthy. With the templates and tools in his book, David Newman has shown business leaders and entrepreneurs how to make the most of their skills and excel in their fields. You can follow him on Twitter at @dnewman.

2. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur? by Mike Michalowicz

This best selling book is loved by entrepreneurs and corporate business professionals alike. Making the case of telling would-be entrepreneurs that they have enough for what they want to start, Mike Michalowicz is a straightforward and witty author who would rather tell it like it is than opt for flowery marketing language with his readers. He’s the founder of three multi-million dollar companies and gives honest advice to those looking to start their own business.

His idea is you only need three sheets: a Prosperity Plan, Quarterly Plan and Daily Metrics. Using this idea that three sheets of toilet paper is all you really need to get the job done in most bathroom situations, these three sheets are all you really need for your business.

Mike?goes on to talk about why a business plan is waste of time,and how to stop procrastinating and take some action. He also talks about how to discover resources that no one else knows about that will help your business projects.

In The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur,? Michalowicz hones in on focus for small business marketing. He explains that focus is an essential part of becoming a successful entrepreneur.Lots of businesses starting out try to give everyone everything they want. However, this isn’t the way to make a profitable company. You must focus on the potential customers who like what you’re doing. You can follow him on Twitter at@MikeMichalowicz.

3. Visual Marketing by Anita Campbell and David Langton

More and more messages on the Web are moving toward visual design. With this type of market, visual marketing is becoming more important to the marketer who wants their products and services to be seen. In ?Visual Marketing,? Anita Campbell says that she has “99 proven ways for small businesses to market with images and design.”

The idea is to use effective and creative strategies that put businesses front and center in their market. That means getting online visual marketing solutions that catch the viewer’s eye.Apps, infographics, social networking campaigns, widgets, emails, YouTube videos and PowerPoint presentations are all a part of this. Print marketing that works well for businesses may include brochures, flyers, newsletters, invitations, press releases, books and postcards. Other campaigns for small business marketing might involve billboards, banners, t-shirts, tote bags, exhibits, giveaways and performances.

Campbell and Langton?s marketing advice gives business-minded folks examples of the way other small businesses use visual components in their companies. [Tweet “99 Visual marketing examles! It’s one of my top 3 marketing books of all time for scrappy small biz owners”]You can follow Anita Campbell on Twitter at@smallbiztrends.

Do what you need to do to learn how to market to your audience. Small business marketing requires skill, mastery and an understanding of your ideal customer. With some of the best marketing books by your side, you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

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