How To Build a Brand Using Snapchat and Instagram

Monday February 12 @ 2pm ET/11pm PT

How To Build a Brand Using Snapchat and Instagram

February 12 @ 2pm ET/11am PT


SnapChat and Instagram are the platforms of choice for millennials. But what’s the best way to build your brand using these platforms? SnapChat expert, Shaun Ayala shares SnapChat strategies for small business owners of any size.

The Difference Between SnapChat and Instagram

The platforms may look the same, but there are some interesting distinctions.  SnapChat is a MESSAGING platform while Instagram is more of a photo sharing platform.  Almost by definition, SnapChat is built for visual engagement.

SnapChat Users Don’t Overlap Other Platforms

Another very interesting distinction is that SnapChat users do not really overlap with users of other platforms. Neary half of SnapChat users (48%) are NOT on Instagram nor are they on Twitter.

There’s a Craft to Crafting a Story on SnapChat (and Instagram)

Don’t expect the platform to do the real work for you.  To pull together a great story on any platform, you have to think about a few things.  Shaun Ayala, SnapChat expert recommends

  1. Think about your day
  2. Think about what’s entertaining about those things and provide value about those things
  3. What inspires and educates people
  4. How do you turn that into a teachable or fun document moment
  5. Break out a storyboard

It’s a MESSAGING Platform – So Get Your Audience to Message You

Sure, SnapChat started as a messaging app between groups of friends, but any person, business or brand can leverage that power by actually getting your audience to engage with you.

Ayala gave the example of a campaign he did with the NFL team, The San Diego Chargers.  The idea was to get the audience to send them pictures.  They asked for people to doodle a San Diego Chargers helmet on their thumb and send them a picture.



How to Build Your SnapChat Audience

What if you don’t have a SnapChat audience?  How do you build one or start using SnapChat if you haven’t used it before? “Use what other social media assets you have.” says Ayala and then “Drive people to your SnapChat account.”

It’s us. It’s Shaun Ayala And it’s going to be fun. We're moments away from our Snapchat debut on lexususa. Check it out.

Posted by Lexus on Friday, September 2, 2016

That’s what he did for Lexus.  Whodda thought Lexus on SnapChat, but the campaign was a huge success.  Why? Because Lexus owners LOVE their cars and when you give them an opportunity to share what they love they will.  Lexus and Ayala decided to leverage other social media channels and share their launch on SnapChat with their community. They did a test run to see if they could build an audience – and it worked.

How to Track and Measure Your Results?

  • There’s one thing that everyone defaults to – retention rate. When you’re creating these stories, you want to make sure that people are watching to the end.  Take the number of views from the first snap and divide by last chat in your story – anything over 60% is good.
  • It’s aboutengagementt and how many people are commenting and sending you what your’e asking for and that is the most important thing. Community providing value – you want them to be brand ambassadors, know, like and trust.

What are some typical calls to action?

  • Recently – snapchat gave people the ability to get news – you can swipe and link to YouTube – and you get the full video on YouTube – swiping and adding a link to products, servies and product page.
  • Drive people to specific page.
  • Ask your audience a question such as: What did you think of the story?  People will start to send you interesting images of themselves.
  • Build relationships through conversations –

The snapchat audience

  • Is young – 63% of the audience is between 18-34, they spend 30 minutes+ on this app.  If they are spending 30 mins watching stuff – you might be seen – opening 25 times a day.
  • 187 million daily active users – is greater than the daily active users on Twitter
  • Leans on women – 70%

Why is the audience so addicted

  • Exclusivity — there aren’t things there to distract you – you are watching you or your friends they are taking over the entire screen – it’s very intimate
  • Not just anyone can follow you – you can create it so that certain people can see your cntent – you’re on a site where you parents or grandparents can follow you and watch what you’re doing

Advice for newbies

  • If you’re not on SnapChat – but know you need to be there follow influencers as you can – don’t even follow brands – follow influencers, the influencers understand how to create and communicate with the audience on the platform and they understand how to create stories that are compelling to understand – you will be able to pick up great ideas to incorporate.
  • Swipe their ideas and create them into your own ideas to help turn your stories into something creating –

Follow these people 

  • CyreneQ – She started 11th – features the community she shows off what the community is doing, what kind of stories are being told on SnapChat. 
  • Shondurus — This guy reps snowboards but has made a name for himself with his creative doodles on SnapChat.
  • ShaunAyala – By day, he’s a marketing manager at Best Buy and at night he’s one of the top 100 SnapChat storytellers to follow
  • Here are even more of the best SnapChat storytellers you can follow and be inspired by.

How do you find your voice on SnapChat?

Social media platforms are a lot like different art forms.  You have to give yourself time, play with the tools.  Take time to think about what you love to do, how do you like to play and then see how you can use SnapChat to express yourself.  Ayala loved inserting himself into stories when he was growing up.  And this is his go-to strategy on SnapChat as well. 

Check out a summary of the Chat

Q1: Do you use Snapchat, Instagram, both or neither? Why? 

Responses were mixed, but it looks like most of our chatters only used these platforms superficially.

Q2: To you, what’s the difference between SnapChat and Instagram?

Q3: Do you personally follow any brands on either SnapChat or Instagram?

Q4: What kind of content do you like to see from brands on SnapChat or Instagram?

Q5: In what ways do SnapChat and Instagram help build brands?

Q6: What’s the point of the storytelling feature on SnapChat or Instagram?

Q7: How can Snapchat and Instagram stories improve the perception of a brand?

Q8: What types of posts get the most engagement in SnapChat or Instagram?

Q9: What are things that brands should NEVER post on SnapChat or Instagram?

Q10: What are the best ways to measure success on SnapChat and Instagram?

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