‘What’s your brand?’ If you can’t answer that question your business is doomed to fail. Paula Scher’s is right when she says ’identities are the beginning of everything. They are how something is recognized and understood.’ in other words, a business without an outstanding corporate identity won’t grab customers’ attention.

What is Corporate Identity?

It is silly to underestimate the value of corporate identity for a business. It doesn’t matter how big your business is. A startup, as well as a large corporation, need a strong brand identity to flourish in today’s market. This term means so much more than just visual elements like a brand logo, business cards, specific color combination, etc. It incorporates your brand personality.

The Core Elements of Corporate Identity


It goes without saying that a company’s logo serves an iconic symbol for a business. It brings out positive emotions and represents the subject of your venture.  Corporate identity affects your brand awareness. In addition to the logo, the design includes:

  • website,
  • packaging,
  • letterhead,
  • business card,
  • covers,
  • décor, etc.

There are a lot of other design elements depending on the area of business.


Your corporate identity is a way more than just a logo or website. Who are you? What is your business credo? Your corporate culture is everything your business stands for including a business purpose or mission. Why do you do it?  Why do people have to use or buy it? Don’t forget about the role of the company’s values which shape corporate identity.

Each and every entrepreneur has to consider his business (regardless of the size of your company) as a personality that has a face (design) and soul (culture).

Fresh Ideas to Develop Your Corporate Identity

Today developing an identity for your business doesn’t require much effort. There are multiple affordable digital products that considerably simplify this process. Using premium templates designed by professional webmasters and designers will provide you with a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Bear in mind that a big business starts from small details. An identity consists of small yet important components as well.

Make use of catchy, business-oriented brochures

An accurate corporate identity package includes a large variety of décor elements which have a positive impact on the overall brand recognition. One of these marketing materials is a brochure. Using unique and creative brochure will help your corporate stand out from the competitors. Additionally, a brochure is a powerful marketing tool that can stimulate your ad campaign and promote your product effectively.

Take a look at fresh-faced and elegant Trifold Brochure template made for developing a strong corporate identity.  Designed in an elegant hexagon style the template is absolutely multipurpose. It will come in handy any business area since it looks universal and feature-rich. Coming in three color variants, a brochure can be adjusted to the owner’s business needs. In a nutshell, Trifold Brochure template boasts:

  • A fully editable layout;
  • A print-ready size (A4);
  • Easy-to-customize;
  • 300 DPI.

Draw attention to one more Business Trifold Brochure template containing an eye-pleasing design and similar features.

Visually appealing business flyers will serve an effective promotion tool

Even living in an age of high tech advertising, flyers are priceless for setting up a shop or reaching new customers. A flyer must be striking enough to attract and be read. In addition to stylish design, it has to be readable, clear, and convincing. One of the best examples of multifunctional flyers suitable for many business purposes is Haque.


Haque business flyer template is an affordable, customizable, and print-ready platform for creating a stylish, attention-grabbing product. The flyer template is well-structured allowing a business owner to place important info about his company. Working with this premium template won’t take much effort. It comes with a help file which contains comprehensive information about the product. A business flyer is available in five color variants:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Paste
  • Red
  • Green

Strive for simplicity and clarity in design

It’s impossible to grab customers’ attention without a visually appealing face of your business. For this reason, use a catchy, professionally looking business card that will serve a versatile ambassador of your venture. It must have a clean design with accents on the main aspects of your business: name, logo, purpose, products, etc. Don’t overwhelm it with unnecessary details since customers won’t read it at all.

Sistec Corporate Identity Template is an excellent variant of how an effective corporate doc has to look. It offers a stylish design in restrained colors suitable for:

  • Business cards;
  • Letterhead;
  • Envelope;
  • Presentation folder;
  • Invoice, etc.

Opt for a concise and rigorous design for business flyer

When you keep information concise and easy to read, you have more chances to attract customers’ attention. Modern people are extra busy; they are always lack of time. For the reason, they won’t squander time reading loads of general info and staring at a many-colored flyer.

Devdesign Studio Business Flyer template will give you a great opportunity to create a chick yet concise flyer to increase your brand awareness. Alongside a multipurpose design and completely editable layout, the template boasts a print-ready format with A4 page size. You won’t have difficulty customizing the product to your corporate needs.

Using all the possible opportunities to spread your corporate info among customers is a big plus

If you have a logo, naming, flyer, it’s great. However, don’t be satisfied with what you’ve already achieved. For example, if you have not yet created a brochure, you can take a chance.

Creative Trifold Brochure template will help you pursue this agenda. This product is available in two attractive color versions. Being fully editable, the layout is easy to adjust to your corporate needs. The brochure with catching design and accurate info will serve a powerful marketing tool allowing your business to compete with market leaders. The creative brochure template features:

  • Fully printable layout;
  • A4 print format support;
  • 2 color styles: orange and green.

Encourage your employees with a professional-looking certificate

A certificate of completion is one more official document that stands for developing a strong corporate identity. It also has a unique design including a brand logo, naming, color palette, and other details.

Take inspiration from this Certificate of Completion template. It looks fresh, thought-out, and reliable. Coming in an editable PDF format and printable EPS version, you won’t have difficulty adjusting the template to your needs and printing the end-product. The certificate template includes:

  • JPG files;
  • A set of free fonts;
  • Vector elements.

Provide your customers with a mini-story about your business

For the reason, use Malina Trifold Brochure + Pattern template provided with all the necessary options and features needed for an effective promotional tool. With this template, you will be able to print an appealing, comprehensive short book about your venture. There are 20 seamless patterns at your fingertips.

For $11, you can make use of Company Profile brochure template serving an eye-pleasing room for all necessary info about your business. This 16-page template will suit any business area thanks to the multipurpose design and completely editable pattern.

Try to keep a corporate etiquette in all possible details

When you incorporate your company spirit (a logo, naming, color palette, etc.) in proposal letters – both printable and digital, you prove that your business is trustworthy and ambitious. It attracts new customers and allows you to increase your client base.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and fresh looking pattern for your proposal letter, try Company Corporate Identity template. It requires low effort yet has high impact. Send out or hand out visually appealing proposal offers which positively work on developing your corporate identity. The template comes with:

  • Well-layered PSD format;
  • Dark and light colors;
  • Many editable settings like color, font, text, etc.;
  • Print-ready pattern.

There is one more Project Business Proposal Corporate Identity Template suitable for many business areas. For $11, you will get a professional looking, cutting-edge pattern for creating an effective project proposal with a print-ready version.

Shopping involves people from all over the world

If you have an e-store or brick-and-mortar shop, you should make an effort to compete with rivals. Catchy design with attractive tricks and intriguing details is a big plus. Keep your business in the foreground.

For example, make a juice shopping bag with a strong corporate identity at the forefront. People adore combining work and pleasure. A bag is an excellent variant to shine on the market, get noticed, and be useful for people who love shopping. Take benefits of using 7 Shopping Bag Corporate Identity templates, which offers the easiest way to create an attention-grabbing promotional product. It is available in multiple sizes and colors. Just choose the most appropriate one for you.

Make it easy for customers to reach you by including your contact information

A business card reflecting your corporate identity is a must-have. Provide your client base with this useful, affordable, and effective attribute of a trustworthy company.

Pay attention to the Clean & Clear Business Card Corporate Identity template. It boasts a minimalistic yet modern design. It contains all the necessary info providing your customers with your company’s log, naming, contacts, etc. The print-ready template is smartly organized highlighting the key points of your corporate identity. The business card template is jam-packed with:

  • EPS & PSD Files;
  • 4 Colors version;
  • Grayscale and B/W Logo.

Update your marketing materials today

Brochures, business cards, envelopes, proposal docs, and many more others build your strong corporate identity and reflect the soul of your company.

Don’t underestimate their role in developing your brand awareness.