Video content is your answer if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to drive as much traffic to your website as possible in a way that also helps empower and support your larger conversion efforts. Video content is a perfect way to increase engagement levels with your potential customers in both a B2B and e-commerce setting. The right approach to putting together video content can also help increase click-throughs, shares on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and can even help give you a significant approach in terms of awareness. In fact, one recent study revealed that social video generates a massive 1200% increase in shares over text and images combined.

But of course, it’s equally important for you to remember that not all types of video content are created equally.

Video as a format, is malleable – it can be whatever you need it to be, whenever you need it to be that, no exceptions. Based on that, if you really want to use video content to drive more traffic to your website, there are four main types that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

1. Product Videos

Especially in terms of B2B and e-commerce customers, the cornerstone of your video marketing efforts should rest in high quality, compelling and informative product videos. According to one recent study conducted by Hubspot, a full 90% of all users say that this type of content is a “very important” and “very helpful” part of their larger decision-making process.

Product videos can be anything – from showing people how to properly use your product, to helping them get the most out of their purchase by way of tips, tricks and other techniques they’re not going to find anywhere else. For the best results, always rely on the rule of “show, don’t tell.” Don’t have a host talk about the benefits of your product. Show someone properly using it and illustrate how easy things are after a purchase compared to before. This is how you grab someone’s attention in a way they won’t be able to look away from.

2. Video Testimonials

Customer testimonials have long been considered to be the most effective content marketing tactic by 89% of B2B marketers. Taking those testimonials and turning them into a compelling video can help improve those efforts even further.

To leverage video testimonials, you can simply ask your customers to talk about their real experiences and discuss the real results they had along the way. People can tell when others are being genuine and this is far more compelling than a technical specification sheet will ever be. Not only do these perform incredibly well on social media, but they’re also very easy to repurpose as a part of your larger paid advertisement efforts!

3. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming is another way to really strike a chord with your audience and thanks to IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) services, it’s literally never been easier. Whether you’re reporting on breaking news to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry or are holding a live product demonstration and Q&A, people love live videos and they want more of it – which means it’s far too powerful to ignore.

According to one recent study, breaking news makes up 56% of the most-watched live content on the Internet. Conferences and speakers – which are particularly helpful in B2B and e-commerce environments – come in at second place, with 43%. Not only is live video compelling, but it also creates urgency – something that will drive traffic and conversions better than ever.

4. Educational Videos

Last but not least we have educational videos, which can involve everything from teaching an online course relevant to your industry to essentially stringing a series of related explainer videos together to create a larger, longer and more fulfilling experience.

Thanks to the prevalence of VOD (video on demand) services, this actually represents two unique opportunities in one. First, you can use the videos to raise awareness, establish yourself as an authority and provide helpful, relevant content in a way that drives traffic and increases sales in the short-term.

But in the long-term, you can also use your VOD platform to monetize the videos themselves – either on an “a la carte” basis or as part of a larger monthly description. This essentially gives you two solid opportunities for video monetization at the same time, allowing you to maximize your ad earnings and website traffic in one fell swoop.

Make no mistake about it: especially in B2B and e-commerce environments, video is only going to get more popular as time goes on. Getting in on the ground floor now allows you to establish your dominance in your marketplace in a way that will pay dividends for years to come with your audience.