Handwritten Thank You Notes: Creative Twists on Gratitude for National Thank You Month

January is Thank You Month -- here are some great ideas and tools to up your gratitude game

By Ivana Taylor

Published on January 15, 2024

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I’m starting to think that authentic thank you notes are a lost art. Well, since January is Thank You Month, I thought it would be fun to talk about the lowly thank you note, when to send them and how to send them.

Gratitude is the glue that binds business relationships. It’s a simple concept, yet it’s often lost in the noise of our digital age. In an era where a ‘thank you’ often arrives as an automated email or a fleeting social media comment, there’s a refreshing charm in resurrecting an old favorite: the thank you note. But hold your horses – we’re not talking about your grandma’s thank you cards. We’re diving into creative and unexpected ways to use thank you notes in your business, turning a simple act into a strategic tool.

Choosing a unique handwriting style for your thank you notes can add a personal touch that makes them stand out in our digital age, ensuring your message of gratitude resonates more deeply.

handwritten thank you cards

Why Traditional Thank You Notes Feel Like a Missed Opportunity

I remember receiving a thank you postcard from my oil change service and thinking, “Well, that’s nice, but… meh.” It felt as generic as a pre-recorded birthday greeting from my dentist. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not about being ungrateful. It’s about the impact, or the lack thereof, of a gesture that feels more like an obligation than a sincere act of appreciation. This contrasts sharply with the personal touch and memorable impact of a handwritten note, which elevates a simple message into a meaningful connection.

The New Wave of Thank You Notes: Making Every Word Count

It’s time to rethink our approach to thank you notes in business. Let’s make them count, shall we?

  • Timing is Everything: Instead of the predictable thank you note post-purchase, how about surprising your client with a note thanking them for a year of loyalty? Or, even better, a note celebrating their business anniversary with you?
  • Personalization is Key: A thank you note that says, “Hey [First Name], remember when you first tried our service a year ago? We do! Thanks for sticking with us!” shows that you notice and value the individual relationship.
  • Beyond Business Transactions: Send a thank you note for things that aren’t directly tied to a purchase. Did a client give you a shoutout on social media? Send a note! Did they refer a friend? That’s note-worthy!
  • Add a Little Extra: Pair your note with something of value – a discount code, a free e-book, or access to an exclusive webinar. It’s a thank you and a gift, all in one.
  • Celebrate the Small Wins: Did your client recently achieve something significant in their business? Send a congratulatory note. It shows you’re paying attention and that you care about more than just their wallet.
  • Turn Negatives into Positives: Received a complaint or a negative review? Address it, fix it, and send a thank you note for the feedback. It’s a powerful way to turn a critic into a loyal fan.
  • Random Acts of Thanks: Why wait for an occasion? Send out random thank you notes throughout the year. It’s the unexpectedness that makes it special.

Utilizing a pen to create handwritten notes adds a personal touch and authenticity that digital messages can’t match, making your gratitude even more memorable.

Real-World Examples: Bringing the Concept to Life

Picture this: A local café sends a thank you note to its customers for just being a part of the neighborhood. The note includes a small packet of seeds with a message, “Help us grow our community garden.” Now, that’s a thank you note that plants a seed, literally and figuratively!

Or imagine a SaaS company sending handwritten notes to its long-term software subscribers, thanking them for their feedback over the years and detailing how it helped shape the product. That’s a thank you note that acknowledges and celebrates collaboration.

The Bottom Line: Gratitude as a Strategy

In the end, it’s about making gratitude more than just a courtesy; it’s about turning it into a strategy. Thank you notes, especially those that are unexpected and creatively crafted, can be a powerful tool in your business arsenal. They can deepen relationships, build loyalty, and even open up new avenues for growth and collaboration.

Let’s sum it up with a checklist for you write your next thank you note:

  • Make it timely and personal: Tie it to specific interactions or milestones.
  • Go beyond transactions: Show appreciation for actions that contribute to your business, like referrals or social media mentions.
  • Add value: Include a little something extra to show your gratitude.
  • Celebrate their achievements: Show that you care about their success, not just your own.
  • Turn negatives into opportunities: Use thank you notes to transform challenges into chances for growth.
  • Embrace randomness: Sometimes, a note ‘just because’ can be the most impactful.

5 Easy Tools to Send Handwritten Note Thank You Cards

Great so sending handwritten notes and cards is awesome, but who has time to send hundreds of these. Or, how can you outsource this simple task so that it gets done?

There are options! There are companies that do everything from actually writing them out by hand, to recreating your own handwriting as a font and automatically sending them out.

Here are some thank you note services that offer unique features for businesses:


handwrytten - handwritten thank you notes
  • Description: Handwrytten uses cutting-edge technology to scale your handwritten outreach, creating personalized messages with a genuine touch. This service allows you to type your message, which is then written out by custom-designed handwriting robots using real pens, in a style of your choice. Additionally, all cards are printed on high-quality stock, ensuring that each message not only feels personal but also looks premium.
  • Special Features: Offers a wide selection of cards, AI-assisted message crafting, delivery confirmations, and integration with Salesforce for sending notes.
  • Website: Handwrytten

Simply Noted

Simply notes - handwritten thank you notes

Description: Simply Noted uses automated handwriting machines with real ballpoint pens to create an authentic handwriting feel. They offer personalized cards with the option to replicate your handwriting for ultimate personalization.

Special Features: Provides extensive business automation integrations, gift card and business card inserts, and a user-friendly interface for bulk mailings.

This Custom Thanks

This custom thanks - handwritten thank you notes

Description: This Custom Thanks offers 100% handwritten notes and envelopes, without using any handwriting fonts or robots. Their service includes a variety of note packages with options for custom stationery and additional items.

Special Features: Custom pricing for large orders, quality control for handwriting and grammar, and a user-friendly dashboard for easy note sending.

Felt App

Felt App - handwritten thank you notes

Description: Felt is a user-friendly app for iOS and Android that lets you create and design cards that are hand-stamped and mailed. It allows you to handwrite the message yourself directly on your phone or tablet.

Special Features: Offers the ability to use your actual handwriting on the card and envelope, a wide selection of designs, and easy mailing service.


punkpost home page

Description: Punkpost employs lettering artists to create custom, handmade cards based on your message and intent. It is known for its artistic approach to thank you cards.

Special Features: Provides a batch option for large events, custom artwork, and the option to include gift cards or extra touches like confetti.

Each of these services offers a unique way to personalize and automate the process of sending thank you notes, making it easier for businesses to maintain a personal touch with clients and customers.

Ready – Set – Send

Each of these services offers a unique way to personalize and automate the process of sending thank you notes, making it easier for businesses to maintain a personal touch with clients and customers. These services use similar technologies to enhance user experience on their site.