6 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

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One of the big reasons organizations shy away from blogging and social media is the constant requirement for fresh content. Like any marketing channel, social media channels need to be primed in order to deliver an audience. That means new and fresh content at regular intervals.

Developing fresh content can be a real challenge to the small or independent business owner who has to market and service clients at the same time. This is where “Repurposed Content” comes in. As you might imagine, repurposed content refers to using one piece of writing in a variety of ways.

For example, let’s say that you were a speaker at a conference. Chances are you’ve created a powerpoint presentation and that would have been “purposed content.” Now, let’s say that they video taped you giving that presentation and gave you access to that video. That’s already an example of repurposed content.

How many other ways can you repurpose that presentation?

  1. Blog Post. You have the opportunity of creating several blog posts from that one presentation. You could have written a post BEFORE the presentation outlining some of your thoughts, now you can create a summary post of the actual event as well as at least one post reviewing the points of your presentation. Of course if it was rather long, you can turn it into a series of posts.
  2. An online workshop. This same presentation could be slightly adjusted and offered for sale online as a workshop. Most people schedule these as live events and you can do that. You can also keep it posted and give people who putchase the workshop access to it for as long as you like.
  3. White Paper. Another opportunity is to turn that presentation into a downloadable white paper or ebook that your web visitors might receive as a free offer to sign up for your list or memebrship.
  4. Tips. You could take that same presentation and break it up into tips that you e-mail or video to your subscribers.
  5. Video. Another option is to create 30 seconds modules of that presentation and video yourself giving those tips.
  6. Podcast. If you have a video of a presentation, you might even create a podcast of that same presentation with just audio or both video and audio.

These are just a few examples of repurposing content. Take a few minutes today and go through your inventory, then literally pick an article or presentation and see if you can create at least three new pieces of content from it.

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