Influencer marketing helps small business. In fact, 78% of marketers say they want to work with micro-influencers in 2020. This was a key finding of Linqia’s fourth annual State of Influencer Marketing Report.

Unfortunately, too many small businesses have ignored influencer marketing because of the focus on celebrity and lifestyle influencers.

In this article, you’ll see how your business can leverage the power of influencer marketing to build your brand and drive new sales for your small business.

Research Shows Influencer Marketing Works

Lifestyle brands have used social media influencers for years. But small businesses have only recently dipped their toes into the pond of influencers for their own industries. And the water is FINE.

Surveys on e-marketing state that over 80% of marketing campaigns involving social media influencers have great results. This has inspired more businesses to give influencer marketing a chance.

Bar chart from Smart Insights showing that 80% of marketers find influencer marketing effective

Influencer marketing is referral marketing on steroids

Referrals and word of mouth marketing bring in 5x more leads than any type of paid media.

Your customers trust recommendations from friends and family. And influencers, who frequently publish content about the products and services in your industry “feel” like a friend.

influencer marketing is trusted by 86% of customers

Your ideal customers trust influencers more than you.

Small business influencers are trusted advisors on a specific industry conversation. While they may NOT have hundreds of thousands of followers, they do have hyper-engaged audiences who trust their opinions and recommendations.

Small business influencers in your industry are the people who create written, audio or video content about key topics in your industry. They would be the people who review products and services in your industry. They are they people who your ideal customers go to for recommendations on products or services.

Here are seven reasons why every business must consider the involvement of social media influencers in their next campaign.

Influencer marketing is a competitive field.

In order to stay a mile ahead of your rivals, you can easily engage the services of a social media influencer. An increased budget for a social media campaign can help you reap the benefits of social media better than your competition. It is the right time to begin the search for the right influencer before your competition raises the flag!

Where to find influencers for your small business

The best way to find influencers who can help your small business is inside your own community. Go to Facebook and go through your followers to see which ones are most active and engaged. You can check to see how many friends and followers they have, but this isn’t as important as how often they engage with your page and other community pages.

There is a new tool you can check out that will show you which of your community members fit this criteria — it’s called LeadKlozer.

Here’s a snapshot of the DIYMarketers Facebook Page and which followers are most active:

LeadKlozer smart score tells you who is most engaged with your Facebook content
LeadKlozer smart score tells you who is most engaged with your Facebook content

LeadKlozer is an online platform that helps you identify the most active users on your Facebook page. They provide a “smart score” that tells you how often people have engaged with your site. In addition to that, you get a little green button that tells you that this person is currently active on your site. This way, you can immediately reach out to them via messenger and start a conversation.

You can follow this same process across all of your social channels. The idea is simple, track your engagements and note the people who are not only engaging with your content but sharing content across their channels.

Social marketing still sells like hotcakes.

Word of mouth still sells. People tend to believe the opinions of those they trust like family and friends. Recommendations from authoritative figures are valued a lot more than blatant advertisements. This is indeed the biggest advantage of hiring a social media influence. After all, they are trusted by their audience and have a major impact on the decisions of consumers.

The influencers know their audiences well.

A social media influencer establishes loyalty and trust in the audience. This helps them become an analyst in top consumer trends as their entire business revolves around the changing patterns of consumption in their audiences. If a business on-boards an influencer, they welcome better insights and improved engagement in their campaign. 

They leverage for authentic advertisements.

Online advertisements have become quite a bunch of nonsense and nothing to the consumer of today. This is evident from the increased use of ad blockers in the current market. Because social media influencers curate dedicated audiences and have mastered the skills of overcoming the barriers, they remain the crowd favourite for long. Influencers personalize the content according to the liking of the audience, which is why their sponsored content seems subtle and rather interesting to the end consumer. Click here to find out more on the subject!

Influencer Marketing Drives Engagement

Social media algorithms are constantly changing. And these changes will impact your organic reach. But one thing never changes, every social media platform rewards engagement.

And, if there’s one thing that influencers do well — it’s drive engagement.

When you hire an influencer to create content on your behalf or to share their experience with your brand on their social networks, you are guaranteed to get valuable engagement and information.

Build Your Brand In Niche Markets

One of the main reasons behind business failure is NOT focusing on a specific niche. When you try to sell to everyone, you’re forced into creating a marketing message for the lowest common denominator. And this makes it impossible for your ideal customer to see themselves in your solution;

Influencers are masters at niche marketing.

Since influencers are considered as magnets that keep the niche audiences together, they can help in developing more appeal in the relatively smaller groups. These influencers are capable of tapping into precise groups, and their customized content attracts quality leads. When an influencer delivers a brand story, the message resonates with the target audience and helps in driving better conversions too.

To increase sales, identify a specific customer with a specific problem and then find influencers inside your community who is most active in that community. Sound impossible? Not really. Hit your social media channels and pay attention to who your ideal customers are talking about and whose content they share most. Then reach out to that person and start building a relationship.

The better the leads, the higher conversions for your business. This will drive higher revenues and help you become the torchbearer of success in the niche of your choice.

Influencer Marketing Helps Your SEO

Another inherent benefit of social media influencers is its impact on search engine rankings. Their role is not limited to posting a fancy picture of your product on their social media platforms. If they expand the effort to mentioning you on well-rated blogs, then the quality backlinks will work wonders for you.

It will push you higher on the search engine results, which will boost your visibility in local searches. It is essential to remember that social media marketing and link building are critical aspects of search engine optimization efforts. This kills two birds with a single stone!

Why Pay Influencers to Help Your Small Business?

At this point, you’re probably wondering why you should hire and pay influencers. Shouldn’t they just share your content and talk about your brand if they use your product or service?

You might be lucky enough to have already developed friendly relationships with some influencers who will share your stuff for free. But if you want to guarantee that they share your content or for them to create content about you, you should hire them.

When you hire and influencer, you’re paying for them to create high-quality content. You aren’t just paying for exposure, although that is part of it. You are paying for them to take the time to really understand your product or service and to recommend that product or service to those followers who will benefit the most.

Final Thoughts

Influencer marketing will help your small business. Influencers are subject matter experts who have earned the right to speak on a specific topic or industry.

You can appropriate their credibility to your business and your brand. And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, most influencer campaigns cost less than other forms of traditional marketing.