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Use This Membership Campaign to Get Paid Twice and Get New Customers

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A membership campaign is the best way to level out seasonality, increase profits and customer loyalty. Let’s see if this campaign is something you can use in your business.

A membership campaign is a direct marketing strategy that is ideal for B2C (business to consumer) businesses like retail, restaurant, and professional services. But coaches and consultants can use them too.

The purpose behind this marketing campaign is to introduce your customers to all the different products and services that you provide and to inspire them to bring their friends in on the deal.

membership campaign - food on a tray

First, you’re going to need an irresistible offer.

  1. Create a list of OUTCOMES your customers are looking for when they are buying what you’re selling: A quiet night out without distractions, looking great in a bikini, having a loving relationship, a “healthy” car, etc. This isn’t what you’re selling – it’s what they are buying. Here’s another way to think about it — when you WANT a hole, you buy a SHOVEL. So your customers want HOLES — that’s what they are buying.
  2. Create an a la carte list of everything you do and provide your customers that delivers the desired outcome. EVERYTHING; phone calls, consultations, emails, products, services, support, research — every single thing you provide and offer. And now, attach a “list price” to this list. If you’re not sure, just estimate $100 per hour.
  3. Create a list of things you have access to and provide that has value to your customer but doesn’t COST you anything. It might be software, it might be an ebook, a checklist or an online course.
  4. Now create an offer that delivers outcomes to your customers at an insane value. This is your membership or subscription fee.

High-Value/Low-Cost Membership Offer Ideas for B2C Businesses (Restaurants, Retailers, Services)

  • 1 FREE service for you and a friend (dinner, oil change, blow out, etc)
  • Buy one Get One Coupon to share with a friend
  • Invitation to VIP event at your location
  • Free product; desert, drink, item. service,
  • GIFT Card – to use and share with an expiration date

High-Value/Low-Cost Membership Offer Ideas for B2B Businesses (Consultants, Tech, Agencies)

  • Access to YOU for limited time with the idea to upsell to more expensive time
  • Access to information online (ecourses, books, recorded trainings)
  • Access to a community
  • VIP groups
  • Access to your experts, mentors, or celebrities
  • Done with you projects
  • Done for you projects

Membership Campaign Instructions

This is a campaign that is going to your EXISTING customers. If you have physical mailing addresses of your customers — this will generate the BEST result.

This campaign is designed to PAY your customers to come to you. If they don’t come, you don’t pay.

This is a direct marketing campaign — which means that it’s designed to be 1-to-1.

You WILL BE MAILING (yes – snail mail) a group of customers so you will need mailing addresses.

STEP 1: Create an Irresistible Offer

Use your a la carte list to create an offer that includes a monthly price and a list of benefits (from your high-value, low-cost list.) The ratio should be something like you you save about 40% off of the retail value.

STEP 2: Create Curiosity: Call to collect their mailing address.

This is a CRITICAL part of the process. Either YOU or someone from your team should CALL these customers and make sure that you have their mailing address. Even if you have a mailing address, call to confirm that this is correct.

Simply say that you have something for them and you want to make sure that you have the right address. THIS will create curiosity.

STEP 3: Craft a FUN “Reason Why” Story

Create a STORY or a reason why you are contacting them BY MAIL and making this offer. Have fun with this!

Start with a trigger. The trigger could be ANYTHING; I was cleaning out my basement and… My husband/wife/kid did something or said something…Something broke, I got something new and… I was just thinking about the time … figure it out — but have fun with it and make it relatable and engaging.

STEP 4: Hand write the letter (with your actual hand) Introduce the offer

You are sending a LETTER like you would to a friend. If you can hand write the name and address on the envelope DO THAT. I recommend you hand write the letter too like on a legal pad and make color copies to send. The more real and authentic the better.

Bill Glazer direct handwritten letter examples that explain a membership campaign

These are “ugly” right? AND they get FOUR times the response over anything else. While most direct mail and email market get less than 1% response- these babies are getting anywhere from 8%-20%!

STEP 6: Send it to your list

You can certainly do all of this yourself and by hand — depending on how much time you have and how many you’re going to send. You can also use a service like Handywritten (That’s the one I use.)

Everything old is new again

It’s no secret that direct mail is a powerful marketing tool, but what you may not know is that handwritten letters are even more effective. That means if you’re looking for a way to jumpstart your sales process, consider sending out some snail mail.

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