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I’ve always had a hard time coming up with taglines or slogans. You’d think that being a marketing person would make me a pro — not so. In fact, these days, people don’t need slogans as much as they need clear and easy to understand descriptions of their product or service. And this is where SloganSlingers comes in.

I heard about SloganSlingers today when I received a press release for their new product. I was immediately interested because I saw a couple of words — Slogan and Crowdsource. This told me that I could put up a project or contest and a wide variety of slogan slingers would compete to get the dollar prize I set (which you get to set at $55 – $999).

I decided to post a $100 reward for a slogan.

How SloganSlingers Works

The process was fairly straightforward. I was curious to see what “standard” questions they would ask me in developing a slogan. They included the following:

  • What do you need the slogan for?
  • What is the name of the company for which you will be need a slogan?
  • Give a brief but detailed description of the company?
  • Logo (they want you to upload a logo if it will help)
  • Who is the target audience?
  • List as many pertinent details as possible?
  • What is the single biggest point you want to get across in your slogan?
  • What tone do you want your tagline to possess?
  • How will this tagline be used?
  • Some examples of slogans you like.
  • Some examples of slogans you don’t like.
  • And any other information you’d want to share

The list is fairly complete – and it’s up to you to have your differentiating features and benefits straight and thought out. That’s why I’m sharing these questions with you now — in case you want to give it a shot.

It took me about 30 minutes to go through the questions, cutting and pasting web sites and examples that I liked and didn’t like and why. I will also say that these questions made me consider my company’s offers, features and benefits more clearly.

What happens after you start your contest

As soon as you start your contest you will receive and email that gives you some details about how the process goes. The first thing I noticed is that it had some typos and unclear sentences so I wasn’t quite sure what they were trying to say but it came with a link to your live contest and a couple of important points :

Aside from the typo – the thing that concerned me most was this point #2 — “If you do not select a winning slogan within 14 days of your contest ending – the Slogan Slingers team will select the winner on your behalf base don what we feel is the best entry”

I did not really like this at all. I didn’t notice this when I created the contest — maybe it’s in print somewhere and I was so intent on seeing how it worked that I missed it. I would have liked to have this stated more obviously on the site. I have to say that I MUCH prefer 99Designs model where their offer is a flat fee and a 100% guarantee:

The results pour in

In less than an hour, I’m receiving taglines and slogans. I have to say that I’m not really impressed – so far. In fact, I’m glad that I didn’t put a ton of money on the line. But there are some that hold promise. I have to say that I love that you get notices as submissions come in. Then when you visit your account you can see all the submissions and rank them. The ranking system is a little clumsy — you have to KNOW which is first, second and so on — I think I would prefer a star rated system that they would sort so that I can weed them out.

The contests are open for about a week – and I’ve got 28 entries already! Most are off base, some are funny and pathetic and a few actually hold promise. But the biggest benefit is exactly what they offer – creative minds working on your problem. I’m feeling kind of good about it. I could come away with a killer slogan or tagline or headline for my site. Another option is that I get one that can be tweaked to create the killer headline I’m looking for. I’m not sure which it will be – but it is certainly more fun that killing myself writing stupid phrases with a thesaurus.

After you rank your taglines and slogans, the system will put them in order. Another option you have it to reach out to the writer and give them input as well as look at other phrases they’ve created. I really like this feature a lot because I’m seeing that this is really a turbo generator – a crowdsourced generator. Your brain, plus their brain — all working together.

SloganSlingers also has a blog. The articles are actually interesting, but what absolutely killed it were a few details — first, they were written by admin and were uncategorized (at least the ones on the front page were) — There is a nice write up of the founder, Rich Davis and I have to assume that it’s either him doing the writing or one of the writers he’s talking about. Another observation is that the blog is loaded with links which are obvious keyword bait – and that cheapens this a bit – but I can appreciate the?guerrilla?effort. In fact, I think that the story of the site is a good one and makes me feel like there are some pros behind the scenes.

Last Words and Recommendations

So, I’m not FLOORED and drooling over this tool – I think it leaves something to be desired to get to the expertise level of a 99Designs. But I will say that there currently are not a lot of alternatives out there – and you probably get what you pay for. But at the very least, I’ve gotten some good input to play with and explored a new service.

When it comes to taglines and slogans, the best you’re likely to do is hire someone or play with some kind of word generator to get your creative juices flowing. This is a terrific attempt and a new tool which hooked me from the fabulous name; SloganSlingers — that’s amazing. With a name like that, I’m sure hoping they’re able to come up with a tagline for my challenging manufacturing example.

Before you login

As I’m seeing taglines come in, I’m reflecting on the quality of my description and brief. And I’m reminded of a book I read (that I actually have on my Kindle, PC and iPad) called “Pop! Create the Perfect Pitch” by Sam Horn that uses what the author calls the W9 Perfect Pitch worksheet. It’s so great, that I’ve actually pulled it out of the book and put it into my own document to review when I’m trying to write something. Here are just a few of the questions covered in POP!

  1. What are you pitching
  2. What problem does it solve
  3. Why is it worth trying and buying- list 3 benefits
  4. Who is the audience
  5. What are my credentials
  6. Who are my competitors and how am I different
  7. What are the objections or resistances to what I’m pitching
  8. What’s the purpose – persuade, inspire, educate, entertain
  9. When and how can they take action
So – I’d recommend that you go through these questions first — so that you can give the writers a fair shot. I did some of this work but not all of it — so if I don’t get a tagline I like — I think I might try again with some very thorough answers to these questions.

What are you waiting for — it’s only $50 to start and you might end up with a killer slogan!

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