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Sunday March 25, 2013

Every Sunday I get up early, pad down the stairs in my PJs, mussed up hair and glasses. I have a ritual that happens every morning — and especially on the weekends:

  1. Put the water on for coffee
  2. Empty the dishwasher
  3. Drink that first cup of coffee while trolling social media, reading articles and generally taking time to watch the sunrise and reflect on life and the pursuit of happiness.

Almost every Sunday is like this; fairly uneventful. Until Sunday, March 25, 2013.

A small tickle of a voice is the birth of (1)


It was like every other Sunday until I started pouring the boiling water into the French Press to make coffee.


lollapalooza (1)


If you ask me for the name of a band or musician — I couldn’t tell you

I wouldn’t call myself a music lover– you know, one of those people who is passionate about music or a specific genre or band. I am your average music listener. There are songs and bands I like, but if you ask me which ones, I would stumble around to remember the name of the song or the band or whatever.

I’m telling you this because as I was pouring the coffee — “Lollapalooza” pops into my head. For NO REASON whatsoever. None. People — it’s March. Lollapalooza is a rock and roll festival that generally happens in August. So I have no idea why I thought of it.

But it’s early enough and?since I have nothing else to think about – I begin to wonder; “What about Lollapalooza?”

  • It’s a rock music festival
  • There are all your favorite bands in ONE place
  • When you think about it – that’s pretty efficient and a lot of fun.
  • You get to let your hair down for a few days and just enjoy the experience
  • You’ll probably meet some cool people who will spill beer on you or even share their beer – that’s nice
  • You’ll come back having lots of stories, a good time, some new friends

And then I got another whisper

bizp (1)


Now this is where it gets interesting

None of this should be new to you – you’ve had this experience countless times. But it’s what happens next that makes things really interesting and can mean the difference between your next big opportunity and the same old same old.

At this very instant — the instant that you have that tickle of an idea or a little brainstorm. It’s almost fleeting; subtle and can vanish in an instant depending on what you do next.

Here are your choices:

  1. Ignore it (you will do this more than 90% of the time)
  2. Dismiss it (this is almost like ignoring it)
  3. Contemplate it and talk yourself out of it
  4. Write it down — and then forget about it
  5. Write it down and think about it and then forget about it
  6. Write it down — and share it with someone
  7. Share it with someone and talk yourself out of it
  8. Share it with someone and take the next small action

Which of these do you do most of the time?

I almost always do steps 1 – 7. But this time — I decided to do number 8.

The only thing I had as an idea for Bizapalooza was that it would be a collection of small business experts or “Rock Stars” – who would “Perform” — or share their best strategies and ideas with small business owners.

It would be an ONLINE festival rather than a live one.

This is all I knew when I decided to share this germ of an idea with a supportive friend of mine — just to see if she thought it had merit.

After hearing her enthusiastic response, I decided to flush out the idea some more and start sharing it with a few other people.

How to Nurture a Great Idea


Great ideas don’t start as great ideas, they start as whispers, tickles, seeds and are nurtured into becoming ideas.

This nurturing comes in the form of sharing ideas with other folks. The brainstorming, feedback and editing is like weeding. The number of nurturing conversations you have around your idea give strength and advance the idea forward. Slowly the idea gains strength and momentum and begins to take on a life of its own.

The Idea is Born When You Take a Definitive Action

And then there is the moment in time when you make a definitive action; an action that flings your idea into the?world in a very real and committed way — like setting a date and telling everyone about it.

Within about a week of that #MorningEpiphany, I had already shared the idea with some small business influencers and heavy-hitters to a thunderous and enthusiastic response. Everyone I spoke to wanted to participate and started asking when the event would run ?— while on a phone call with a potential speaker, I heard myself say July 16, 17, 18 — and that was it. The dates were set and now the hard work of making it come to life began.

Bizapalooza 2015 is Doing Something NO ONE has Done for Small Business!

I’ll skip through the rest of the details. I do want to share with you that I ALMOST threw in the towel on Bizapalooza after last year. It wasn’t fun anymore. It needed a change. That’s when I looked back and decided that I needed another idea – another reason to be scared @itless and do it anyway.


VOICE: Webinars are boring — Web shows are FUN
ME: WHAAAAAA? I don’t know anything about web shows — shut up brain!
VOICE: Oh come on….you know you want to… you can do this…how hard can it be?
ME: Yeah, I could do this, but do I want to? What if I fail?
VOICE: You can’t fail – you have friends, experts and a team – you would have to WORK at failing.
ME: Hmmm web show Bizapalooza – I think I like it.

So there you have it.The next thing you know – I’m in this same process again. And the reason I’m writing to share it with you is because it’s this process of capturing and nurturing a new idea that has me lit up — on fire and really excited about what I’m creating.

Not only that, it has opened up a new opportunities for corporate sponsors to support small business owners, new startups who have apps and tools to share with small businesses, authors and experts who have knowledge and wisdom to share.

Become part of the Bizapalooza Movement!

Wanna see how the whole thing turns out?

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