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Beyond the Beaten Path: 7 Unconventional Goals for Entrepreneurs

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Goal setting is necessary but, let’s face it you’re always setting the same types of goals; sales, profits, and brand recognition. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, these are essential goals to keep your business viable.

Recently, our #BizapaloozaChat community had a conversation about “unconventional goals”.

What are unconventional goals? Glad you asked.

There are goals and objectives that are an offshoot of traditional goals and that will not only motivate your team, but just might help you identify a competitive advantage that you can take to the bank.

Here’s a wonderful example.

Recently, Women in Cloud,  a community-led economic development organization dedicated to generating $1 billion in new net economic access for women entrepreneurs and professionals by 2030, set a new Guinness World Record for most users in a Vision Board Video Hangout. This record-breaking video hangout event attracted 632 participants worldwide, showcasing 503 approved vision boards, highlighting the significant impact of digital engagement and creative collaboration. The live stream allowed global viewers to join in this celebration of shared dreams and aspirations, emphasizing the event’s community-building power.

Women in Cloud sets unconventional  goals of a Guinness World Record

Given its vision for creating economic access for women, this unique goal and effort not only generated press and built community, it created a newsworthy event that created excitement, enthusiasm and brand building.

That got me thinking, what are some other fun conventional goals, turned into unconventional goals and objectives that you can try for your business?

I’ve pulled together 7 unconventional goal categories and gave you three fun ideas for each one.

1. Cultivate a Distinct Brand Identity

  • Partner with Local Artists: Launch collaborative projects that reflect your community’s culture and creativity.
  • Create an Augmented Reality Brand Tour: Offer an interactive exploration of your brand’s story and values.
  • Design a Brand Mascot: Introduce a memorable character that embodies your brand’s essence.

2. Engage and Expand Your Community

  • Organize Community Service Initiatives: Lead projects that give back to the community, enhancing brand visibility and goodwill.
  • Host Interactive Online Workshops: Share your expertise and build a community of engaged followers.
  • Implement a Customer Ambassador Program: Encourage loyal customers to share their experiences and expand your reach.

3. Innovate Product/Service Offerings

  • Launch a Mystery Product Line: Stir curiosity with products revealed only upon purchase.
  • Offer Customizable Experiences: Allow customers to personalize your product or service to their preferences.
  • Introduce a Subscription Model for Exclusive Content: Provide valuable insights or services through a subscription-based model.

4. Achieve Sustainability Goals

  • Initiate a Zero-Waste Campaign: Challenge your business and customers to reduce waste.
  • Develop Eco-friendly Packaging: Reinforce your commitment to the environment with sustainable packaging.
  • Partner with Environmental Organizations: Collaborate on projects that promote environmental awareness and action.

5. Foster Employee Growth and Satisfaction

  • Implement a Skills Exchange Program: Encourage employees to teach and learn skills from one another.
  • Organize Team-Building Retreats in Nature: Connect with the team in an environment that promotes well-being.
  • Create an Innovation Incubator: Offer resources and support for employees to develop their own projects.

6. Maximize Digital Presence

  • Conduct a Digital Scavenger Hunt: Engage followers with clues and tasks that lead them through your digital ecosystem.
  • Launch an Interactive Web Series: Tell your brand’s story through an engaging online narrative.
  • Develop a Brand App: Offer unique functionalities that enhance customer interaction with your brand.

7. Elevate Customer Experience

  • Install Interactive Storefronts: Use technology to create engaging displays that invite passerby interaction.
  • Offer Surprise Delights with Purchases: Include unexpected gifts or personal notes with orders.
  • Host Exclusive Customer Appreciation Events: Strengthen relationships with your most loyal customers through special gatherings.

8. Strengthen Community Relations

  • Sponsor Local Talent and Events: Support local artists, athletes, and events that resonate with your brand values.
  • Launch a Community Improvement Project: Lead or contribute to initiatives that beautify or enhance local spaces.
  • Create a Platform for Local Voices: Share stories and insights from community members on your channels.

9. Pioneer Industry Innovations

  • Host a Hackathon for Social Good: Challenge participants to solve industry-related problems with innovative solutions.
  • Publish an Annual Industry Trends Report: Establish your brand as a thought leader by analyzing and predicting trends.
  • Form a Cross-Industry Innovation Coalition: Collaborate with non-competing businesses to explore new ideas and technologies.

10. Leverage Unconventional Goals with Marketing Strategies

  • Implement Guerrilla Marketing Tactics: Use surprise or unconventional interactions to promote your brand in the physical world.
  • Create an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for Your Brand: Engage customers in a complex, interactive narrative that blurs the line between fiction and reality.
  • Launch a Viral Social Challenge: Encourage the sharing of content that promotes your brand in a fun and interactive way.

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