In my latest post on AMEX Open Forum, I bring out the 10 signs that your are skimping on marketing. Here is the summary:
1. You Google your company’s name and/or product and a competitor’s site is listed WAY ahead of yours.

2. You’ve lost more than one customer because of ?price.

3. Your phones aren?t ringing like they used to.

4. Your salespeople are complaining? about how hard it is to get in front of prospects.

5. You don’t have a marketing plan (even a 1-pager).

6. Your website hasn?t been updated in at least three years.

7. You have more versions of products than customers buying them.

8. You aren?t getting referrals.

9. You’re losing good employees.

10. You haven?t launched any new products or services in the last three years.

I make the point that you should feel like you are over-doing it – over communicating. It’s a lot like the concept of wearing makeup on TV or on stage. You actually have to?exaggerate?the make up so that it looks natural to the audience.

Read the full article on Open Forum to get specific details and resources on how to deal with the signs of a weak marketing strategy.