Many people believe that digital marketing is the only way to see results. This might hold true for some specific target markets, but often the best marketing ideas happen offline. The best strategies are the ones that combine online and offline ideas effortlessly in one total package.

It’s time to break the bias against offline marketing! Offline marketing is still powerful — direct mail marketing provides a 1,300 percent return. If you’ve failed to put effort into your offline marketing tactics, it is time to give your startup a boost through implementing these five offline marketing ideas.

Rely on creative business cards

It’s worth it to invest in well-made business cards; they are one of the most effective ways to get your business name out for people to see. You can make your brand stand out when you choose an original design that reflects your creative side and your brand values.

Start by weighing what you want versus the price. There are tons of inexpensive, templated generators available. However, if you have a specific idea in mind or want to be able to select and feel a type of business card paper, you might consider looking for a designer and local print shop.

Remember that your business card is another extension of your brand, so it’s smart to ensure the two align. Stick with the same logo and color as your website and your other on and offline marketing materials.

Reach your customers with printed marketing material

Another way to extend your brand message is to give out printed marketing material. Flyers might seem like a tactic that has seen its day, but that’s not true. It gets results! If you’re considering using postcards for marketing your business, you’re on to something big. Postcards really work; they’re the mini billboards of marketing. They’re enticing because they’re a quick and cost-effective way to reach customers with your message and they’re easy to create, target, deliver and track. Remember, your goal is to create cards that convey your message while keeping it simple.

Participate in trade shows

Another good way to gain more exposure for your business is by attending and participating in trade shows. You can display and sell your products and share your services while generating quality leads in a small amount of time. When you participate in trade shows, you’re taking advantage of one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing ideas available.

Volunteer in your community

It’s always a good idea to gain more visibility in your community. Do what you can to help people recognize your brand.

One thing you and your team can do is wear attire that features your branding.  Branded clothing is a great way to advertise; just remember that your actions are on display and what you do each day is a reflection of your brand.

Another way to gain more visibility is by volunteering for a cause in your area or sponsoring a team. These opportunities often come with the chance to promote your brand. Look for causes the align with your mission.

Go big with billboards

There is a lot you can do with outdoor advertising, and even more, if your billboards are located in an area with high traffic. While billboard space doesn’t come cheap, the exposure gained as a result can pay off. Ensure your contact information and call to action are printed clearly so you can make the most out of this investment. The key is that your message is digested in a single glance. This is one situation where less is definitely more.

While it may seem challenging to carve out your precious time for offline marketing, it’s necessary. Offline marketing builds trust and generates results and can be done without breaking the bank or setting back your progress on other work-related responsibilities. Instead of putting all of your eggs in the online basket, embrace offline marketing and see what it will do for your business.