You probably know about some if not all of these strategies, but are you actually implementing them in your business right now? Too busy to implement anything? You’re in luck. I’ve chosen strategies where you can simply hire an virtual assistant and get them to execute on these strategies for you.

  1. Twitter direct message replies

You can search on twitter and find people that are specifically interested in the product or service that you offer. Then direct message them offering them help with their problem. The key with this method is finding the right keyword list that your customers are looking for. For example if you are a bookkeeper, you can search for need bookkeeper? ?looking for bookkeeper? on twitter and then direct message these people with your offer of help or advice.

  1. Youtube videos

Start with one video which is targeted to a specific keyword that your customers are searching for. First you want to research the keywords that your customers are looking for on the google adwords keyword tool ( For a bookkeeper you might target the keyword bookkeeper service? and you could do a video on ?7 things you should know before starting with a bookkeeper service?. Then after doing the video you might want to give some help in getting it ranked on Google so that your video will be found when people search for bookkeeper service?. You will need to do links from your website and from other websites (such as commenting on relevant blogs), and use the keyword bookkeeper service? in the link to the video.

  1. Question and answer sites

Yahoo answers is the most popular Q&A site, and then, and You can find a complete list of Q&A sites here The strategy is simply that you search on these sites for questions that are relevant to your business and then you give useful answers. The great thing about this method is that the original question answer at least will read your answer and then later other people that are looking for the answer to that question.


  1. Well structured offers of writing content for blogs


Getting your content on a well read blog and a link back to your site is a very powerful strategy. The way you approach the blogs is very important. You need to first make a list of the most important blogs that are likely to be read by your target customers. Technorati is one place you can find a list of these blogs. Then you look at the type of content that they write on the blog and craft an email offering 2-4 different articles that you can write for their blog making sure that the articles are appropriate and fit their target audience.

  1. Create a linked in group

Linked in has a powerful structure for creating communities. When you are the creator of the group it means that you can send messages to the community and you are the focal point. Your linked in profile is promoted heavily through the community. This is a little more difficult strategy because it requires a certain amount of momentum to get enough people in the community before it can start to gather it’s own momentum. Basically nobody wants to join a community of 20 people. So you need to hustle to get the membership up to 500 or so. Even more critical than the number of members is making sure that that topic of the community is something that your potential customers are interested in.

So that’s a quick look at 5 simple strategies you might like to try in promoting your business online. Try them and let me know how they work for you.

Written by Rob Rawson from If you’re interested in getting a Virtual assistant for around $4 an hour to implement these strategies, head on down to and check us out.