How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With Prospects

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  The Simplified Skippy on LinkedIn for Small Business Owners Use LinkedIn as a giant rolodex (contact database).  You already know that a successful and profitable business is based on WHO you know more than what you know.  LinkedIn makes this process infinitely more efficient. Don’t be afraid of the competition — that horse has…

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How to Use Facebook Insights to Target Your Ideal Customer

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These days, if you don’t market your business online then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. One of the best online resources at your disposal is Facebook. By having a Facebook page for your business, you can grow your online audience and possibly increase your client base. Unfortunately, like all online marketing, it can…

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3 Big Digital Marketing Mistakes Your Small Business Can Avoid

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Whether you are starting a new business or taking an existing one into the digital marketplace, small business owners tend to make the same mistakes on repeat as they leap into an online marketing push. Regardless of your goals for your website and social media profiles, your small business is probably seeking marketing tools and…

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Getting Started on AdWords Without Losing Your Shirt

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Advertising on Google is a great idea for any business, but can be a little daunting for a first-time user. Here is you can start your AdWords campaign on a good footing and avoid losing your shirt. Eyes Wide Open The first thing to remember when advertising on Google is that Google is a publicly…

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Email is Not Dead: 4 Tips to Becoming an Email Marketing Pro

A business acquaintance of mine recently claimed, “Anyone who believes email marketing is dead doesn’t know how to do email marketing”. I have to say, I agree. Yes, today’s tech-savvy and self-aware consumers are sensitive to – and perhaps even cynical about – efforts to capture their attention through their inboxes. But, email continues to be one…

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Blogging for Retail Businesses

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You want to keep your existing customers coming back to your store. You want to gain new customers too. Of course, you also want to steal—well lure—your competitors’ customers away. There is one answer to each of these goals: blogging. Business blogging can be a major asset to retaining and gaining customers as long as…

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Get them Clicking! 4 Banner Ad Design Tips to Improve Conversion

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Though the display ad – more commonly known as the banner ad – has been around since Internet adoption overtook the world, it is one of the least understood areas of digital marketing. It is difficult to understand banner ad effectiveness, as there are so many factors that impact performance.  Banner ads are easily overlooked…

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Best “How To Drive Traffic” Advice From Successful Bloggers

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website (1)

Darren Rowse- ProBlogger: How to Really Drive Traffic To Your Blog Some questions to help identify what is working (or what might work) with your readers and niche: What topics generate most comments on your blog? What topics generate most comments on other blogs in your niche? What other sites do your readers visit a lot? What…

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What Would You Do With $100,000 for Your Business?

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Right now, I’m all alone in my office.  This “I’m all alone and on my own” feeling isn’t new to most small business owners.  While your friends and family are out and about having fun and vacationing, you feel like you’re attached to your business at the hip.  It’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs refer…

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Best Online Marketing Tools for Restaurants

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Marketing online as a restaurant can seem like a difficult task, especially when the competition already has a handle on their social media and other online marketing tactics. But this shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go anyway–why not do it with the right advice instead of doing nothing at all? Besides, since when…

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