6 Tips for Website Spring Cleaning

spring clean

Spring is a time for new life and renewal…a time for cleaning out the cobwebs and making a fresh start, and not just for your home. It’s a great time to dive into the nitty gritty of your website, evaluate your current marketing strategy, and make adjustments to foster new business growth. When tackled methodically,…

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Looking for a WordPress Alternative – Think Blogger

Wordpress-vs-Blogspot (1)

Everything old is new again! My default website platform is WordPress.  But is there something better. cheaper, faster? As it turns out — Blogger is still a viable alternative platform to WordPress!  I started my very first blog on Blogger back in 1998, and to be honest, hadn’t really considered them as a viable options…

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How to Prepare for Your Business’s Marketing Makeover

Marketing Makeover (1)

Is your marketing strategy as effective as you’d like it to be? There’s almost always room for improvement, so it pays to re-evaluate your plan regularly. Sometimes small adjustments can be made to improve your ROI and lead quality – or it may be time for a total Marketing Makeover. First, what is a Marketing…

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The One OBVIOUS Thing You Should Do to Get Your Guest Post Published That Everyone Ignores

1. Do I know you-2. Have you helped (1)

I have a tremendous peeve about how the guest posting process goes. The focus is all wrong, upside down and turned around and it makes me NUTS. The focus of the process is NOT the audience or the customer and any value they can get from your content — the focus is on YOU and your…

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The Key Ingredients to Google Authority Ranking Success

SITE (1)

When it comes to Google and business, it can be a make or break relationship. Being considered an authority site on Google is an all-time priority.  But here’s the rub, you can’t BUY authority.  You have to earn it.  And just think from the perspective of a “searcher” on Google — don’t you want to TRUST…

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5 Decisions You Make That Make You Irresistible to Customers

bliss (1)

Do some people love a company MORE than they love their dog?  You Bet – Here’s Why Jeanne Bliss’ father sold Buster Brown shoes and when he retired, there was a line a mile long of life long customers that he served from the first “little piggie” down to the last.  We all remember the…

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Collect Testimonials And Get Your Customers To Fall In Love With You All Over Again

testimonial (1)

There are an absolute ton of articles out there on how to make your customer fall in love with you. Today, I’d like to take this one step further and talk about testimonials. Testimonials actually serve a dual purpose: First, they give your customer the opportunity to share why they love working with you or…

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RingCentral Makes Virtual Marketing Easy

relax (1)

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a complete gadget and technology geek.  Where some girls love buying jewelry, I love trying new tools and apps just to see if they help me run my business, my life and my marketing operation any better.  I also LOVE playing the “value game” of finding a tool…

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The Best SWOT Analysis Template for Small Business Marketers

swot_analysis1 (1)

Is there any greater waste of time than a poorly done SWOT Analysis?!  As you can tell, I have a rather strong opinion on this topic.  Like many of you, I was trained to use a SWOT analysis as a part of my marketing plan process.  The idea was to get to a great strategy…

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Attention Mobile Developers: Now There’s an Affiliate Network to Help Promote Your App

asw15 exhibit1 (1)

Editor’s note:  I was at the Affiliate Summit West 2015 in Las Vegas between January 17-20.  I went to this conference because I’ve been watching the affiliate marketing space for a while.  I’ve heard all kinds of things about it, and I wanted to go and see for myself.  The article below comes from an…

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