OK, So You’re Not Richard Branson, But Look At How He Drives Traffic Without Killing Himself

A Writer’s Guide: Calls to Action – Tips Inspired by Tweets from Content Marketing World

I love these social media tips that come from super stars.  OK, so you’re not Richard Branson or Huffington Post, but here are 6 simple lessons that celebrities use to generate great content and social media chatter without killing themselves and wasting their day. 1) Multi-post in a single stroke Branson teaches us that you don’t…

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7 Reasons You Can’t Close A Sale To Save Your Life

how to get sales

When you are trying to close sales for your small business, you need to remember that you do not have the resources of a massive corporation. However, you do have the resource of time on your side. A large corporation likely does not have time to devote to its customers, and you can use this…

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Call To Action Tweets from Content Marketing World – Brought Down to Earth for Cash Strapped Marketers

hearts and minds iStock_000025025915Small

What Small Business Owners, Consultants and Coaches Can Learn From the Big Guys Content Marketing World is an event that’s out of reach for most small business marketers’ budgets, but the lessons covered here aren’t just for the big guys.  Yes, a lot of attendees were from bigger companies who have entire departments for what…

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10 Great Articles With Creative Lead Generating Ideas

lead generation round up

It might be a little early for this – but you’re probably starting to think about how you can improve your existing lead generation strategies for next year. Rather than overwhelm you with a ton of articles, I’ve selected just those articles that have some really good lead generating ideas that are totally “DIY doable”.…

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How to Start Using Google Plus for Marketing

anime boy google

I haven’t felt this excited about a social media platform since — 2007? Google+ has been around for three years already, but it’s only just now catching on with mainstream small business.  In fact, my recommendation to you (if you don’t already have a profile — to create a Google+ Profile today)  Irene Koehler(@IreneKoehler) from…

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Time and Money Saving Ideas for When You Have Too Much Too Much To Do and Not Enough Time

10 Resources for Using Tech to Keep Your Team on Track

One of the biggest reasons small business owners get stuck in doing everything themselves is that they think it costs a fortune to get it all done.  This article outlines some fantastic tools across a variety of platforms that will keep your team on track.  Here’s what you’ll find: 101 Small Business Web Applications You…

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The #1 Mistake Small Business Owners Make With Google Analytics

Lost sign

(This post is the first post in a series of the 3 Most Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Their Google Analytics Accounts) I know you’re a smart business owner. You have yourself a website, you’re trying to build traffic to it – maybe you’ve even installed Google Analytics to help you with that.…

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Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools for Crazy Busy Business Owners


It’s #CoolToolTuesday and I wanted to share some (LOVE THIS) 10 Free tools to track your social mediaClick To TweetPowered By CoSchedule HootSuite – This is a standard.  It’s the ideal choice for the crazy busy expert or online marketer as well as agency level marketers.  The free version will let you post to several social accounts…

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6 Facts About Customers Everyone Thinks Are True – And Some Marketing Ideas to Overcome Them


  Photo courtesy of a_whisper_of_unremitting_demand(CC Attribution) Well, not so right.  Our brains are really good at creating stories and meanings that sometimes get in the way of our success.  In other words, we see what we want to see.  Today, I’m going to help you bust a few customer myths that might be holding you…

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How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

I started my first blog on Blogger back in 1998.  I had absolutely NO IDEA what this was all about.  It looked like an online diary, and I had never kept a diary or been very good at any kind of journaling.  So I quickly let this blog go.  It wasn’t until the spring of…

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