A New Way To Think About Guest Blogging

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You’ve just written an amazing blog post. You think up a catchy title to get it noticed. You’re feeling mighty good about yourself. What do you do with that post now? Most people would say publish it on your blog of course! But I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t. You may be thinking:…

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How to Use Retargeting to Increase Conversion Rates and Sales

targets retargeting online advertising

Have you ever been on a particular website researching a product or service and then left that site and gone to, say, Dictionary.com and then seen an ad for the web site you just came from?  That’s called retargeting and it’s been around for a few years now.  Larger brands have been using retargeting as an…

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How to Write a Brochure: Creative Marketing Ideas for Brochures That Convert

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I’m helping a friend who has relocated to a new state launch his sales consulting business.  His ideal clients aren’t really online for business and he gets most of his new clients from face-to-face meetings at networking events. Here’s the deal — PRINTED marketing pieces are going to be the most effective way for him…

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Got Difficult Customers? Try These 7 Strategies

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I’m not a great skiier, but I absolutely love skiing.  And here’s the best part, I actually learned one of the most valuable life and marketing lessons right on a ski slope — it was a black diamond (difficult) slope as well and I’ll never forget it. “You have to throw yourself down the hill…

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Are You Making This Mistake with Google Analytics?

moving google analytics code

(This post is the second post in a series of the 3 Most Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Their Google Analytics Accounts. Did you pass the first test? Read the #1 mistake small business owners make with Google Analytics. Imagine this scenario: You’ve been using Google Analytics for awhile. You’ve had it setup…

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8 Online Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

online marketing ideas

I love online marketing; it’s cheap, it’s easy and if you’re an entrepreneur with more time than money – it’s definitely your go-to strategy that should include: Blogging Social media Email There is no shortage of experts out there and I’ll bet you’ve fallen pray to more than your share who promise million dollar results in…

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Read “Coloring Outside the Lines” to Uncover Who You Are in Your Business

If You’re Stuck in a Rut, Read “Coloring Outside the Lines”

I’m always going on about the fact that marketing is about who you ARE instead of what you DO.  I talked about this at the Entrepreneur #Ready2Launch event in New York last week and this made quite an impact on the audience — it was the most retweeted comment that came out of my panel.…

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12 Content Management WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Life Easier

4 Basics of Brand Publishing and 40+ Tools to Get it Done

    Here is a list of fantastic WordPress plugins that will really make your content management process easier. I would recommend you check each of them out carefully because you don’t want to overwhelm your blog with plugins – it can really slow your web site performance down.  So check each one out and…

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Small Biz Marketers Should Read The Marketing Performance Blueprint

Small Biz Marketers Should Read The Marketing Performance Blueprint

  Read: Small Biz Marketers Should Read The Marketing Performance Blueprint

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4 Ways to Increase Your Business with LinkedIn


I was in the back of the room at a speaking event waiting to go on stage. I was standing next to the meeting planner and we were quietly chatting while the other speaker was wrapping up. I asked her how she found me for the event and she quickly replied, “a LinkedIn recommendation.” “A…

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