Ask Me Anything: How to Become a Successful Small Business Coach

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The first thing I do when someone registers for the DIYMarketers newsletter or for any helpful tip is ask if they have a question.  Most of the time I answer them individually, but now and then, a question really has that “How to” traction that I think you might enjoy — so here’s a question…

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Marketing Tips to Get (and Keep) Your Business Going

whats your why (1)

Owning your own business and controlling your marketing ventures is a lot of fun and can be rewarding– but it’s also a lot of work. From time to time it is good to think about some new marketing tips to help your business grow. Here are eight marketing tips you should consider: Establish your “why.”…

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The Proper Care and Feeding of Great Ideas: The Birth of Bizapalooza

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Sunday March 25, 2013 Every Sunday I get up early, pad down the stairs in my PJs, mussed up hair and glasses.  I have a ritual that happens every morning — and especially on the weekends: Put the water on for coffee Empty the dishwasher Drink that first cup of coffee while trolling social media, reading…

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Men and Women Think Differently About Branding

mars vs venus (1)

  Within four weeks of starting my business I had a name and I had invested about $1500 into creating an imaging package.  Oh, and ask me how many customers I had — go ahead — NONE.  Correct.  For some reason, I thought it was because I was trained in marketing — I believed that having…

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Getting Local With AdWords

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Many local-oriented SMBs take a very narrow view of their online marketing. They create a basic website with their address, hours, some info about what they do, maybe a contact form and check off their “online marketing” box as complete. However, these businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity to turn that website into…

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How to Bulk Manage Your Twitter Lists

twitter lists (1)

It’s Sunday morning and I’m deep in the middle of my favorite routine: COFFEE Digital Correspondence (Email, Facebook, etc) Trolling for cool stuff to share Doing some mindless computer, social media organization Today, Twitter got my attention.  I was reviewing my followers (which I do manually) and as I went through each bio I realized…

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Is Your Fear of Change Holding Your Business Back?

If businesses were people, Courtney Spence would be the mom of a thriving teen.  She started Students of the World 14 years ago at the age of 19, so you can say that she’s got a lot of experience in that department. Students of the World is a community of storytellers; filmmakers, designers, photographers, journalists…

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Join the #SmallBizPlayers Tweet Chat on Managing Your Business While You’re On The Go

  How do you stay connected when you’re on the go?  Whether you’re on vacation or out and about as part of your small business, you are always connected.  In fact a surprising study done by Pew Research/Opus Research and ComScore expects that we’re going to reach 90% mobile phone penetration by 2016! In other…

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40 Short, Hot and Easy List Building Tips for Main Street Business Owners

consultant (1)

Why I Envied Sample Pushers When I first started consulting I suffered from an extreme case of sample envy every time I walked past the nice folks I secretly called “sample pushers” who stood in the aisles of grocery stores and offered free food.   I’d walk past their kiosk and think “How great for the cookie…

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How to Use Google Hangouts in Your Small Business

How to Use Google Hangouts (1)

It seems like more and more individuals and businesses are turning to Google Hangouts as a way to reach out to their customers and prospects, to share important information and to generally keep a warm relationship with their network. And why not? Not only is this a free marketing method, it’s also a time investment…

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