Are You Ready for Exponential Influence? Adrian Ott’s New Book Shows You How

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Adrian Ott’s bestselling book, “The 24-Hour Customer“, teaches you how to penetrate a market of consumers that has little time for everything and almost none for you, but they do have time to spare for social networks. In this Hangout Ott presents tools, strategies, and examples that can help you maximize every opportunity in the…

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6 Free or Low Cost Ways to Market Your Business

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Looking for ways to market and promote your business that are free or affordable? I think most businesses are. The best marketing toolbox has a combination of the tried and true and new best practices such as a clearly defined brand that makes you stand out and tells people what you do and what you…

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DIY Marketing Tips for Fitness Centers

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Over the last few months, I’ve been a part of Canon Imaging’s launch of their new MAXIFY printer.  They asked me to write a few articles that show small business owners how to leverage the power of print in their marketing and then select a winner from among my community of readers. The Canon MAXIFY…

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Best Branding Books in 2015 for Small Business Owners

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The 10 Most Often Ignored Triggers That Tell You That It’s Time to Update Your Branding You haven’t updated your logo, website or any marketing materials in the last 5 years Your customers are telling you your price is too high Your company name is “Yourname & Associates” If you were to grab your marketing…

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DIYMarketers Canon #MAXIFY Winner, CitySpeakez Shows You How to Get New Customers Using Online Advertising and Social Media

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In September of 2014, Canon Imaging launched a brand, spankin’ new printer — the MAXIFY.  As part of their launch strategy, they reached out to a handful of small business influencers to help them get the word out to their communities.  I was happy to be a part of a team that included John Jantsch,…

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How to Brand Your Business: 5 Brainstorming Exercises That Will Attract Your Ideal Customer


68% of your customers have no idea why they should choose you! I saw this statistic many years ago – so don’t ask me where it came from, but it rang so true to me, that I remembered it.  If you’ve ever said “I need more customers” or if your customers are complaining about your…

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Let Your Brand Strategies Come Naturally — It’s Better That Way


Yesterday was movie day.  My husband and I plop ourselves down, grab a cozy blanket (yes — it was 28 degrees in Cleveland yesterday) and binge out on movies.  I selected a movie called “Chef”.  It was a sleeper despite having an all star cast that included Scarlet Johansen, Robert Downey Jr. John Leguizamo and Dustin Hoffman.…

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What is Meerkat App: The DIYMarketers Meerkat Startup Guide


There’s a new social tool in town and all the digital marketing, social media experts and agency glitterati are singing its praises: “It’s like Twitter back in 2008!” @Melanie_Canada @jsneedles I’m on all the time. I love Meerkat. — Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) March 24, 2015   Meerkat App is live streaming video direct to Twitter…

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Is Apple Making a Marketing Mistake with its New MacBookPro?

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Apple has just announced their brand new products in what they call their “Spring Forward” event.  I’ve been waiting for this launch because I want to give my 2012 MacBookPro 15″ Retina to my mom and upgrade to the latest and greatest. But now I’m not so sure.  In fact, I’m confused — and it…

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Stop Doing These Marketing Activities and Watch Your Business Grow

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The first time  my husband and I were in Las Vegas, we walked up to a slot machine, put in a dollar, pressed the button and…..NOTHING.  That’s when I said “THIS is why I hate gambling, you give it money, it gives you nothing.”  It’s very unsatisfying and I’m not willing to wait for the…

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