How to Soar on Twitter: Four Ways to Design Effective Twitter Feeds

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Twitter can be a powerful promotional tool for many small businesses. By connecting with your customers in meaningful ways you can increase loyalty and engagement with your brand, which can result in increasing awareness and sales. But with so many companies on Twitter, how can yours stand out? Where should you (or your designer) even…

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Best Bang for the Buck Branding Activities For Start Ups

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  Get a logo design Your logo is the core of your brand, yet it is so much more than a collection of letters and symbols. A well-designed logo resonates with your target audience as it reflects the value you provide. While getting a logo can be expensive, it is well worth the investment as you can…

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5 Inside Tips for Getting the Best Design from Crowd-sourced Design Contests

How to Crowdsource Great Design (1)

The creative process is inherently chaotic—it can be daunting to explain your vision to a designer on the other side of the table, let alone the other side of the screen. This is why crowdsourcing your design project not only increases your chances of aligning your image closely with your objective, but allows you to…

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How to Use LinkedIn for Competitive Intelligence Like Sherlock Holmes

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Remember the good old days, when being a successful business owner simply meant providing your customers with the best products and services possible? Ahh, what a wonderful world… Well, those days are long gone. In today’s fast-moving, ultra-competitive business climate, even the neighborhood lemonade stand has to take constant proactive steps to stay ahead of the…

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Canon Launches a Program To Turn Your Challenges Into A Business You Love

This time last year, I was ready to throw in the towel. “Why am I doing this?”, I thought.   I didn’t need the stress of working all these hours for results that simply aren’t good enough for me. The challenges of building a brand, generating revenue, finding profitable customers, hiring and managing a team and…

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5 Infographic Tips for Small Business Owners

infographic tips

Infographics are all the rage. In a few short years, they’ve become the preferred means of explaining complex ideas and stories to customers. But what should yours look like? Should it be fun and feature cartoons, or serious and delineate the story through a series of facts and stark images? Take a look at the…

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How to Write a LinkedIn Summary That Will Make Prospects Fall in Love With You


When I first started using LinkedIn back in 2004 or 2005 I used my profile as an online resume and my connections as a sort of database.  But things have CHANGED!  LinkedIn isn’t just a database or an online resume — it’s your first impression for any connection. The Simple Skippy on Your LinkedIn Profile Would you…

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How to Prepare for Your Next Sales Call

preparation (1)

Sales is simply a game and knowing the rules of the game makes things easy. The intent of the article is to help you improve your sales skills, help you become a better sales leader while growing sales and increasing revenues. How many times have you gone into a sales meeting without a plan, hoping…

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3 Facebook Cover Design Tips for Your Business

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Facebook can be an effective and cost-efficient marketing tool for businesses to engage with customers. The popular social media channel allows businesses to define their brands, showcase new products and sales strategies, and connect with customers in meaningful ways that build brand awareness and loyalty. But how do you – and your designers – differentiate…

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How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With Prospects

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  The Simplified Skippy on LinkedIn for Small Business Owners Use LinkedIn as a giant rolodex (contact database).  You already know that a successful and profitable business is based on WHO you know more than what you know.  LinkedIn makes this process infinitely more efficient. Don’t be afraid of the competition — that horse has…

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