6 Reasons to Integrate Visual Content Marketing


The web is cluttered with marketing content, but not all of it is great, or even good, content.  The time is now for small business owners to focus on  creating new marketing habits – after all it’s vital to your business to create high quality, attractive and memorable content. Captora tells us that 61 percent…

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Are Facebook Contests A Lead Generation Strategy for YOUR Business?

facebook contest blue ribbon

I’ve known about Facebook contests for years.  I mean a lot of years.  They are a terrific way to engage your audience, build your fan base and, of course, generate leads and build your list.  Who doesn’t want THAT? Why I still haven’t run a Facebook contest – uuugh It’s years later and I still…

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The 3 Best Marketing Books To Get Customers and Boost Sales For Your Small Business

best marketing book

Small businesses need big ideas to stay strong. Striking it out on your own isn’t easy, and there’s plenty of challenges to overcome professionally and personally in order to stay successful. When it comes to starting your own business and making the most of the materials you have, there’s no doubt that you need to…

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See a Website Design You Like? Here’s How to Find Out What WordPress Theme it is

web site design template

How many times have you seen a website design you liked and thought “What kind of WordPress theme is that?” Now you can know for sure. Just head over to — are you ready for it? What WordPress Theme is That? Enter the URL of the website you’re looking at and BOOM! Up comes the…

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6 Must-Read Websites That Will Give You Lots of Marketing Ideas

internet marketing newbie

  As a small business owner, it can be tough to figure out the best way to market your product or service. This is especially true if you have a limited budget and limited staff. You have to strategize the best way to approach your business #marketing that will equal the most bang for your…

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Looking for Low Budget Marketing Ideas? Here’s the Best Way to Spend $500

cheap marketing ideas

There are only three things that matter to you: finding customers, keeping customers, and making money.  That’s what marketing is for — isn’t it? Then there are our other two favorite things; time and money.And those two things are almost always lacking when it comes to marketing. So how do you decide how much to…

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How to Track and Measure the Success of Your Social Media Campaign


“Social media is a waste of time and money — I can’t believe you devote so much effort to it — How do you actually make money with social media?” I hear this question all the time.  And the answer will be different for everybody, depending on what your business model is.  If you’re an…

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You Won’t Believe How I Saved Myself 2 Hours of Busywork!

Delete WordPress Tags Easily

Since 2008, DIYMarketers has accumulated more than 100 tags — that averaged about one use per article!  What was I thinking?  Clearly I wasn’t thinking and today is the day I clean it up. Is there a plugin for that? My typical response is to get out there and pull a plugin to help me…

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Blog Article Name Ideas: How To Brainstorm Titles Your Audience Will Love

blog name ideas

Once you’ve had your blog for a time, coming up with new topics and blog article name ideas can be a challenge. After all, once you’ve written 20, 40, 100 posts or more, how on earth do you come out and say something new? This challenge isn’t limited to long time bloggers either. New bloggers also…

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Use These 5 Questions to Develop Your Marketing Message, USP and Brand

snow and colorful umbrella

If you haven’t noticed already — the DIYMarketers site is looking a bit different than it used to.  That’s because sometime last year I started the process of tweaking my brand and my messaging.  It has been a journey for sure — even for someone who is in the business of branding and messaging, and…

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