Are you getting the most from your Facebook Fan Page? If you’re an industrial business, you may not even think you NEED a Facebook Fan Page. I’ll simply say that you do. Now that the population of Facebook users is over 650 million. If it were a country, it would be the third-most populated country in the world.

When I talked to Phil Simon, author of The New Small he told me that people spend an average of 45 minutes a day on Facebook — that’s a virtual ETERNITY in computer time! It’s time for YOU to figure out how to take advantage of some of that Facebook time for your business.

What Do You Want Your Fan Page Visitors to DO?! (Call to Action)

A disclaimer here — it might take you longer than 5 minutes to figure out what you want your fan page to do — AND this is the most important part of the process. The DOING it is EASY — I promise!

What’s your audience doing on Facebook?

The best place to start is to focus on your audience. Facebook is a casual place — think of it as a party on the patio or a happy hour. People might be thinking or talking shop, but that isn’t their purpose. The purpose is to make personal connections and have a little fun. So you’ll want your call to action to be a little on the light side.

  • Build Your Community

Start easy by building your fan base and asking people to “LIKE” the page, ?That’s what I did on the DIYMarketers Fan Page. Since I’m not currently promoting anything special, I’ve defaulted to a “Like Us” call to action design to build the DIYMarketers community. When I have a special event or launch a new product or service the community might be interested in — I will replace the “Like Us” tab with a special offer.

  • Promote an Event

If you’re going to be at a trade show, use your Facebook Fan Page to invite people to a special event that you’re having at the show, run a contest around the theme of the show, etc.

  • Direct People to Your Site

Don’t forget that Facebook owns the list on your fan page. To grab those visitors for your own company, you need to drive them to your site. So make sure that you have a call to action that drives them to one of your landing pages.

  • Provide Information

Because fan pages are so customizable, you can actually use the fan page space as a way to provide information and education to your audience. You can actually insert links and videos for your audience to download.

Make a Good Fan Page First Impression Using High Impact Designer

I’ve been frustrated about the lackluster status of my Facebook Fan Page. I’d seen all these cool ways that people are using theirs (check out Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment Page — it’s one of my favorites). You’ll notice that good fan pages are interactive and buzzing with community chit chat – AND they also have organized calls to action to get the community engaging with your brand.

Until recently, I thought I needed to hire a developer to customize my fan page — but I can be my own developer with this nifty new app I found called High Impact Designer.

I learned about High Impact Designer from their CEO, Jim Kinland who reached out to me to tell me all about this great new and easy to use applications. Jim and I chatted for about an hour over the phone. Feel free to listen in on my conversation with Jim Kinland of Template Zone (free download) and High Impact Design as he takes me through an account set up and shows me how easy it is to create a FREE tab for your Facebook Fan Page.

What I LOVED About High Impact Designer

This online application is SO EASY to use that you can honestly have a Facebook Fan Page designed in about five or ten minutes. Of course it too ME longer because I had a terrible time choosing from among the templates that were offered and then playing around with the different customization features.

The dashboard takes some getting used to – although it is fairly self-explanatory. I would recommend that you get absolutely clear on what you want to offer, the copy you want to include and the call to action because once you see all the design possibilities, you will end up spending a lot of time playing around.

What Confused Me at First

The free version of the program will only give you one page. Once you publish to that page, you will be able to design more tabs, but you will not be able to publish them. You will have to go into the App within your Facebook account and delete the tab from there. Then you can go into High Impact Designer and publish another tab design.

It took me a while to figure that out — but I’m a do first, read the manual later kind of person. Your experience might be different.

High Impact Designer Does eMails and Landing Pages TOO!

I spent a lot of time talking about Facebook Fan Pages – but that’s not all you can do with High Impact Designer. You can also create customized email marketing designs and landing pages. Those aren’t available just yet (at least not to my account). But Jim told me that High Impact Designer will integrate with the top email marketing providers like Constant Contact or aWeber in much the same way that it does with Facebook.

I recommend starting with the FREE version of High Impact Designer and playing with a variety of designs and offers. Then once you’re a pro, you can upgrade for more features.

Bottom Line on High Impact Designer

This is a super DIY Marketing tool. I love how easy it is to use. If you’re long on time and short on money and looking to make your Facebook Fan Page look more professional – High Impact Designer is a great application.