I write this to share my story. If I can make headlines you can make headlines. In 2008 I was looking for ways to cost effectively market myself in the media. Two things were true in that I had no budget and I didn’t know how to do PR to get my name in the news.

I did research just like I do today to find PR newsletters that provide free media leads. Below is a list that I highly recommend. if you sign up and use these resources wisely you will not only Get It DONE, but you will Turn Your Deadlines Into Headlines.

1. Help A Reporter – http://www.helpareporter.com

2. Reporter Connection – http://www.reporterconnection.com

3. Pitch Rate – http://www.pitchrate.com

4. ProfNet Connect – http://www.profnetconnect.com

5. Blogger Link Up – http://www.bloggerlinkup.com

Sign up for their newsletter to learn how each one works and follow the DONE formula and you will turn your deadlines into headlines in no time at all.

D is for Deadline. When you receive the newsletters there will be a listing of queries in each. the first thing to look for is to check the date that the request for information is due. Here is a sample of an actual query that was posted in various newsletter. this opportunity says ongoing so that this opportunity is still live. Once you miss the date you have to move on to other queries. Your information will be rejected by reporters.

Subject : Nominate Someone for Today’s Honoree

Website: Today’s Honoree – http://www.todayshonoree.com

Due Date: Ongoing

Categories: General

Query: It doesn’t matter how big or small you are or how much or less money you have each Today’s Honoree has to be
nominated by someone other than themselves.

Today’s Honoree has already featured the likes of Chandra Thorpe, Dr. Ben

Thrower, Pastor Earl Carroll, Bob Hughes, Gus Deligiannidis, Joseph Andreula,
Oliver Ross, Darren Marks and Salva Dut (Lost Boy of Sudan), and J.D.

The following information is needed for you to nominate someone or
for you to be nominated for Today’s Honoree.

1. Who you are nominating?
2. Why are you nominating them?
3. Bio if you have one and it was not included above.
4. Picture of Nominee if you have one.
5. Video of nominee if you have one. (Embedded code from You Tube is preferred)

O is for Order of Importance. When you receive queries there will be some that are not due for a week or two but you feel that there is a strong chance that you will qualify. Now is a great time to submit as others that may qualify will wait until it is closer to the deadline. If you meet all the requirements for the query and you submit early the reporter may close out their research early because you have helped them finish the story. Don’t feel bad if you miss the cut this time around especially if reporters feel you are a good candidate for future articles.

N is for New or Not. When you receive the media leads look for the topics they are discussing. When you see the leads that you qualify for ask yourself is this topic new or not? When I know that the topic is general or repeated I save my answers in a file under General Topics. This saves you time when the topic comes up again. It is easier to tailor your answers from what you have already written instead of re-creating the wheel. If the topic is not new then yu already know what to do.

E is for Execution. One of the most important things you have to do with the media is to follow their rules. Each outlet has rules and they change from query to query and publication to publication. Simple rules that are listed are what to put in subject and the correct email to respond to. This is done to see if you can follow directions and also to help reporters keep track of all of the responses they receive.

Before you hit send, spell check and make sure you have the correct information listed. Fill out the email completely and be patient. I have had some responses come back the same day and I have had some come back in 18 months. A reporter may ask you for more information or to contact them at a later time. Do not pitch them for things outside the topic area unless they give you permission.

After reading this article there is no reason that you can’t Get It DONE and Turn Your Deadlines Into Headlines.