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Wondering how to use LinkedIn to network and create new relationships?  Follow this step-by-step process (with screenshots).

How To Do Outreach with LinkedIn — On Your Mobile Device

I’ve recently submitted for a government contract for one of my businesses and was required to do market research. This is the strategy I used to schedule 15+ interviews a week with only spending an hour or so of outreach time. This strategy works well with research but can be modified to work for any kind of outreach on LinkedIn or even other platforms.

*Screenshots altered to protect the privacy of individuals*

  1. Sign into LinkedIn and go into the search bar at the top of the page. Type in a Job Title or Keyword related to the industry you are looking to gain contacts in. Search down the list for individuals with job titles or keywords in their profile that match your search and that you think might be a good fit for an interview.

2. Go into their profile to confirm that they are a good fit for an interview by looking at their bio, job experience, skills, etc.

3. DO NOT CONNECT… Find the “More” button and send a “Personalized Invite” using the technique in step 4.

4. Craft a captivating concise message that you will save and reuse for your prospects to clearly and simplistically understand the reason you are reaching out to them. Be sure to leverage any information you have to get their attention and establish rapport. Also include some context that relates to the field that they work in.

NOTE: There is a 300 Character Limit on these messages.

PRO TIP: Including the name of the person in each invite helps a lot! It’s more time consuming than simply copy/paste a general “Hello”, but when the person feels that the message is personalized to them, it increases your response rate tremendously.

5. Repeat this process for as long as you can stand to do it. (I suggest at least an hour) By the end of it, your inbox should start looking something like this:

[BONUS] For those that do not reply back to your personalized invite message and only accept the invitation, go into your inbox and send them a follow up message like this:

Many times people will get those request, accept them, and never read the message. Since there’s no notification, these messages are usually never by the user. By sending the follow up message, it allows them to get a notification so your message doesn’t get missed.

6. Follow up to their response with another pre-crafted message. This time tailor the message to fit the conversation that’s going on. Provide more detail about what you are looking to do on the call and give some information about your technology. It also helps to provide a document to brief them on the technology. That way they have an understanding of it prior to the call and you don’t have to spend the first 10 minutes on the phone explaining the technology to them.

7. Ask to schedule a call.

PRO TIP: To make things easier, utilize a free scheduling app on a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) like HubSpot – which is what I use.

7. On the day of the call be on time and be prepared! Good Luck!

[BONUS] Always end each call asking for referrals! Many of these people have contacts in their network that would love to hear about your product, service, or business. Use this opportunity to obtain a warm introduction which allows you to skip past all the introductory steps of this process.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or for tips on what to do during and after the call to extract the most value out of each opportunity.

You can also learn more business related tips on my Podcast or on my Linkedin Page.

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