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I’m going to share something with you all. It has been a messy process. Like many of you, I’ve read my share of books, articles and blogs about how to market just about anything. Everything you read makes it seem so elegant, so streamlined and so simple. But it’s not. I don’t care how easy some of the gurus say it is. If you’re like the most of us – building a customer community is a get big slow process.

Marketing is a messy business these days. No one wants another e-mail, another phone call asking them to do something and give you their time. I don’t know about you, but I basically ignore and delete all of those things.

So, how do YOU create enough energy, enthusiasm and momentum to bring your ideal customer to you?

Tell me how you’re building your customer lists and mailing lists. Contact me and we’ll use your method and feature them as a case study and how-to post on the site.