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Join This Influencer Marketing Conference and Learn to Make Your Mark

Ready to start building influence in your industry? Do you have influence you haven’t tapped fully? Or, maybe you’re in charge of your company’s influencer marketing campaigns and need some fresh ideas.

Whatever your scenario, you should attend Influencer Marketing Days September 25-26.This two-day conference will teach you everything you need to know about leveraging your clout the right way.

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What an Influencer Marketing Conference Can Do for You

Influencer Marketing Days is happening September 25-26 at TKP Conference Center in New York City. The benefits of attending can’t be over-stated. Join in and you can expect a valuable investment of your time.

An influencer marketing conference is a perfect avenue to:

1. Provide Networking Opportunities

An integral piece of influencer marketing is networking. Building connections online is great. But, you can’t beat the quality of face-to-face interactions for quickly growing business relationships.

At the conference, you can expect to meet a wide range of influencers, marketing managers, and marketing tool creators. You could make some solid connections that will be mutually beneficial. It’s all about sharing influence!

2. Teach You New Skills

There will plenty to learn at the conference. Keynote addresses, panels, discussions, exhibits, and more will focus on intriguing topics like “Just How Effective Are Influencers in Driving Sales?” and “How to Become an Authority Through Content Marketing.”

New insights and updates from the industry will additionally keep you on top of trends.

3. Give You an Edge

If you’re looking for an edge over your competition, you could find it at Influencer Marketing Days. Experts will be sharing tips, ideas, and advice to help you improve your strategy and climb to the top. Plus, you’ll be among hundreds of other influencers and influencer marketers looking to team up.

Learn, Mingle, and Level Up at Influencer Marketing Days

Join this influencer marketing conference to learn about every facet of this fascinating strategy for growth. You’ll get inspired and energized to leverage your gravitas in fresh ways. To discover more and reserve your spot, visit

Be sure to use the coupon code DIYM for a 15% discount when you register!

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