Feeling overwhelmed with the many social media video marketing tools? You won’t be for long. I’ve found five of the best DIY Marketing tools you can use to create marketing videos on social media.  Check them out.

Five Tools To Simplify Your DIY Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

It’s certainly not boring to be a social media marketer in 2019. Platforms keep changing and evolving as a million new ‘helpful’ video creation tools and apps appear and disappear. Meanwhile, customers are savvier and more demanding than ever about what they expect from the brands they follow and how these brands conduct themselves on social media.

Ultimately, you are responsible for putting out professional videos. For example, Facebook live videos, explainer videos, Twitter video, and so much more. You would need an entire team to create all of the user-friendly, online videos your customers want to see.  And for that, you’re going to need simple drag and drop video editors or tools that create an animated video from static images or video clips.

A recent survey of more than 600 marketers found that more than 87% are using video as a key marketing tool, up from 63% less than two years ago. Meanwhile, up to 90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and at least one digital marketing expert arguing that one minute of video content has the same impact as 1.8 million words!

90% of customers say video helps them make buying decisions and at least one digital marketing expert arguing that one minute of video content has the same impact as 1.8 million words!

It may sound overwhelming trying to take all this on, but life as a do-it-yourself video marketer on social media doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself! So here are five tools that will definitely help make your life across your core platforms just that little bit easier, and take your online presence from good to great in the process.


1. Loomly is a Simple Social Media Scheduling Tool


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A hundred little post-it notes. Tabs upon tabs of spreadsheets. Calendar reminders that clog up your phone. Does any of this sound like a familiar process for those of you trying to get a handle on their social content calendar? The good news is there is another way! Enter Loomly.

Now on its third iteration, Loomly has had plenty of time to refine its streamlined calendar interface to help you wrangle all your social content ideas and timeline into one spot.  Loomly also gives you post ideas and optimization tools, management of your media library and more. They count BMW and L’Oreal Paris among their user base, so if you do decide to give it a whirl, you are in good company!


2. Mixkit and Pexels Offer FREE Video Footage


free video clips for video marketing


While access to millions of high quality, free stock photos has been the reality for a while now (we see you Unsplash), the same thing has not been true for stock video. But in 2019, you can now go to places like Mixkit and Pexels and download hours upon hours of high definition footage for free. Everything from animation to nature shots, inspiring city views through to drool-worthy coffee and food shots…it’s all there, just a click of a button away.

Having compelling visuals is one of the most obvious – and most challenging aspects of creating an eye-catching social media video, and finding that footage no longer has to break the bank. Once you’ve downloaded as much free HD video content as your hard drive can handle, make sure you check out this handy little video resize tool from Kapwing. Whether it’s for your Twitter or Facebook feed, Instagram TV or story, Kapwing has you and your precious moving pixels covered.

3. Placeit Video Maker Makes You an Instagram Story Posting Pro

Paceit video clips for social media

So you’ve planned out your social content and got your video assets ready to go…but now you need to go and actually make it. If you’re a DIY marketer, the chances are you don’t have readily available access to a videographer and full video editing suite. This is where the Placeit Video Maker really shines, providing a browser-based video maker that requires no technical skills and can bridge the gap between your video editing skills and your tight marketing budget. Whether it’s an Instagram story or a slideshow display, simply choose from the thousands of templates, customize with your choice of fonts, colors, images, and transitions……and just like that, you will have created a high-quality, on-trend video. It even lets you import your own images and videos and add a-rockin’ soundtrack, so you can personalize your creation to your heart’s content.

4. Later Helps You Plan and Schedule Instagram Posts


Later for instagram video marketing

You’ve got your video made, now you need to get it out into the world. Many social media users will be familiar with Later as one of the better social media scheduling tools available to do just that…and then the Later team went and made plenty of social media manager dreams come true by adding video scheduling to their platform earlier this year. What is even better is that your scheduled videos now auto-publish – that means no more waiting for a notification that directs you to press publish yourself. If you’re managing social media for a business that spans multiple time zones, this could be just the thing to get your sleep cycle back on track.

5. Hashtag Calendar Keeps Your Social Media Posts Current


hashtag calendar social media video marketng

It’s not enough to have great content on social media, you still need people to find it. Enter the Hashtag Calendar, a beautifully designed and free resource for suggesting trending and timely hashtags on your Instagram posts. From trending topics to relevant holidays, you’ll never be stuck for inspiration again. Or if you’re always on the go, check out Hashtag Key for mobile, which gives you the power of curated tags across all the major social networks in a cleverly-executed smartphone keyboard.

Bottom Line — Just Do It

It can be daunting to start using social media video marketing.  If video hasn’t been a part of your social media strategy, you might be apprehensive about it.  That’s normal.  Don’t let it get in the way of starting.

These social media video marketing tools are an easy way to get started posting great looking videos in your social media.