If you’ve seen ads featuring people waving checks for hundreds of dollars that they say they made in a day, then you’re probably already curious about how to make money yourself using the power of the Internet.break

Is It Real or Fake?

The Internet has long been a great way to set up a business and earn online customers. But can you really make money online Do these people actually make that kind of money sitting at their laptops and punching in a few lines of code that magically make web surfers magnetized to their sites, giving them thousands of dollars every month? The answer to this question is yes and no. Yes, there are literally millions of dollars to be made on the Internet but no, you can’t just take it off the table with high-powered, ?secret? tools that are mostly advertised by so-called Internet gurus who charge you $97 on the first page and then end up offering the exact same thing for $17 when you try and leave the page.

Where Does the Money Come From?

The money from the Internet essentially comes from advertising or sales commissions. Google AdSense is the most popularly used advertising program, but there are several others that work with similar models. The primary methods are PPC (pay per click) and CPM (cost per mille, or cost per thousand impressions), though there are variations on that as well. This type of approach is an easy way to make money at home but it requires some groundwork. First of all, you need a website with great content that is engaging; or you could write that same content for other websites who share revenue with you. Once you have a website, you need to earn the web traffic, and there are many ways to bring in the virtual footfalls to your site. Posting links on social networks, forums and your content on article directories are just some of the ways to bring in that traffic.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, what you are doing in order to make money quick is creating advertising space on the web and then renting it out to advertisers. Naturally, if your ?web real estate? is considered prime property with lots of traffic, then the advertisers can be of a higher profile. Otherwise, you can go with programs like AdSense where the pay-out is practically peanuts but gives you a decent stream of passive income once you’ve done all the work.

PPC and CPM methods are merely ways in which a person interacts with the ads on your site in order for you to be eligible for a pay-out. For PPC, they need to click through to the advertiser’s landing page (usually their home page or a page where the customer can get more information about the product or service.) CPM, on the other hand, just counts the number of page-views for your site and pays out based on that.

If you’re wondering how to make money through the sale of products, then there are two ways: you can either sell a product yourself, or sell for someone else for a commission, such as Amazon, with their Associates Program. In the second system, sales commission pay-outs are made on a periodic basis after calculating sales and adjusting for product refunds. But if you’re selling your own products, then your site can be monetized through direct sales as well as using the CPM approach. CPC may not apply here, unless you choose to have related products advertised there. Naturally, you won?t want your competition to advertise on your website, but there are also businesses that work this way for mutual benefit I scratch your back, you scratch mine sort of model.

So now you have an overview of how to make money and some of the various waysto make money on the Internet, why not give it a try and consult a professional. But first, educate yourself with free online courses such as Wealthopedia. You will need one to learn the basics and go about it in a professional way. Someday it could be you waving that check for hundreds of dollars that you made in a single day!