Without a doubt, people realized that visual promo matters many years ago. Since business appeared, we used everything and anything to make the promo as eye-catching as possible. Yep, you do need to be sure that the introduced product is high-quality. However, everyone promises quality now! Thus, in 2018, your main task is to stand out from the crowd. And that’s why you actually require visuals and graphics. It’s important for startupers as well as for the skilled businessmen. Being a big fish, you can simply use the services of famous web designers. Still, as we have already said, the beginners require classy visual introduction too! So, being a startuper, how can you get it without running out of the budget? Well, the only thing you can do it to become a web designer!

We know it may sound scaring but wait for it! Just think about the possibilities modern technologies give online users. These days, all the ace digital products are flexible, easy to customize, and absolutely creator-friendly. Needless to say, it’s bad for old-school designers but good for you! Now, any businessman or any young company should know how to promote the campaign without additional help. Fortunately, web space provides its locals with lots of cool and stylish design resources. Among them, there are so many things that were created especially for marketers.

Before everything else, let’s say that the human brain is a weird thing. You should know how it works to earn money! Actually, it recognizes and processes visual elements much faster than any other kinds of information. To say more, human brain reminds visuals for a longer time period. That’s why you certainly need an earth-shaking visual promo! There are so many ways to create it. Infographics, icons, buttons, visual effects, banners, and counters – are just to name a few. In this post, we’ll tell you about 20 amazing resources for marketing campaigns that would be helpful both for beginners and professional designers. Are you excited?

Icons Visual Design Resources

#1 Tonicons – 2000 Vector Icons Bundle

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As the name of the product says, Tonicons is the bundle, which contains over 2000 voguish icons. They come as Vector EPS and PSD files. The icons are flexible and fully changeable, which means a user can edit any detail including colors, shapes, sizes, etc. Also, the bundle consists of 6 thematic sets with different designs. In summary, here is what you get with Tonicons:

  • Totally changeable icons that have the next formats: PNG, SVG, EPS, and PSD.
  • They are high-quality and come in 6 royalty-free icon sets. Among the styles, there are outline icons, button style icon graphics, solid icons, long shadow icons, and flat icons.
  • Web icon font, which is CSS ready. The font is perfect to be used for web projects and applications.
  • All the popular sizes for icons: 20×20, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512 pixels. Plus, you can always set up your own size.
  • On the whole, there are more than 2000 full-fledged royal icons.

#2 Material Icons




In case you are the fan of material design, don’t miss the boat! Here is the selection of well-featured material icons for web designers and, basically, anyone who needs a trendy visual appearance. The pack contains tiny icons for multiple products, items, and actions.

What should you know about these icons?

  • The icons from the pack are easy in use and come with icon web typography.
  • Also, there are many sizes you can download if needed.
  • Plus, there are 5 themes available for each icon.
  • These products fit iOS, Android, and desktops.
  • And, what is more, they are absolutely free!

#3 Thousand Material Design Icons



Undeniably, material design is always in vogue. That’s why many users want it to create a delightful promo for their business. If you are one of them, check out this item because Thousand Material Design Icons provides a user with:

  • 30 categories of icons,
  • 7 resolutions,
  • Over 7000+ material design icons,
  • Numerous topics and comfy navigation,
  • commercial use and personal use license.
  • In addition, they are totally free to download!

#4 Material Design Icons


The next resource of visuals for those, who prefer minimalist design is Material Design Icons. The gallery increases, so there are more themes and products added on regular bases. As always, you can choose the color, size, format, and any other feature. The collection is available for:

  • bloggers,
  • startupers,
  • designers,
  • developers,
  • businessmen, etc.
  • Photoshop & Sketch UI Templates for Visual Promo.



Are you the one, who requires something creative? In this case, we recommend you to check out this cool resource – PSDD. It was created for User Interface designers and everyone, who needs to further their work. In a word, PSDD offers users to work with an extensive library, which contains multiple free resources. All of them are focused on the tools you may need to use:

  • Mockup Templates,
  • UX & Styleguide Templates,
  • Fonts,
  • Icon Sets,
  • Wireframe Templates,
  • Web & Mobile UI Kits, and more!

Resources for Web Designers to Work on Infographics, Presentations, Covers, etc.

#6 Canva


This is a well-known resource, which offers creating various visually pleasing content. It’s good for both documents, social media graphics, and multiple designs! Same to any modern tool, Canva allows you to create the design with the help of drag-and-drop. It’s an easy and comfortable tool to work with! Besides, it’s free!

Here’s what you basically get using Canva:

  • tones of pictures, images, and illustrations,
  • various eye-catching filters for pics,
  • hundreds of readable web fonts,
  • many free shapes,
  • free icons too,
  • various design elements that are easy to customize,
  • vectors,
  • stock images, etc.

#7 Visme


Another famous resource that allows you creating powerful visual content is Visme. It has everything and anything you may want to use! There are so many features, so let’s move to their list. Here’s what Visme provides a user with:

  • over 500 templates,
  • 500+ color schemes,
  • privacy control and simple interface,
  • maps, data widgets, and charts,
  • modern assets,
  • share and publish option,
  • animations, pop-ups, links, and transitions,
  • videos and record voice feature,
  • many web fonts,
  • lots of free pics,
  • numerous icons,
  • playback control,
  • offline use,
  • anywhere access,
  • possibility to share content using social media, and much more!

#8 Piktochart


Here is one more resource you can use to get a splendid visual design! Shortly, Piktochart is an easy-to-use software for visual design. Fortunately, it’s fully intuitive, which means you don’t need extra skills and things like that. There are many features Piktochart provides a user with. Still, let’s focus on 3 top options you can use to highlight whatever you need to promote.

That’s what Piktochart offers you:

  • Presentations because, same to the material design, they are always in trend!
  • Infographics, as it’s the most comfortable way to introduce information in case you want viewers to remind it. Thanks to the feature, you can improve the visual look of the project and showcase lots of info at the same time!
  • Prints! This is an old-school way of promo but it still can be helpful. Using the resource, you can make some flyers, posters, etc. Besides, it’s possible to ship them to your customers or business partners.

Adds Banners Resources

#9 Web Banner Bundle


Talking about banners, this bundle is a colorful and powerful tool to be used for web banners creation. If you want to refine the way your blog, site, and social media accounts look, check out Web Banner Bundle right now! It was made with the recent web design trends in mind. The banners from the bundle can be used for:

  • Twitter,
  • YouTube,
  • Facebook,
  • Adroll
  • Google Adwords, and more.

Here is the main functions and features of the bundle:

  • 120 styles for visual content,
  • 20+ banner formats,
  • 2520 templates,
  • JPG, PSD, and EPS formats,
  • very clean illustrator doc template,
  • PS template,
  • easy-to-manage elements.

#10 Web Advertisement Bundle


Also, we do recommend you to look at this bright visuals recourse – Web Adds Bundle. It was optimized for all popular social media, so there will be no problems. As the full name of the product says, it comes with more than 2500 templates you can use without trouble. Being easy in use and customization, these elements will help you to create a perfect look.

Besides, here’s what a user will find inside the bundle:

  • 2520 templates,
  • PSD files for Adobe PS,
  • EPS files for Adobe Illustrator,
  • a lot of free pics,
  • many free web fonts that are 100% eye-friendly,
  • any vector-based shape,
  • intuitive ordered layers,
  • 21 banner format

#11 PSD Banners for AdWords Bundle

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This premium bundle provides its owner with 30 ace PSD banners that were professionally designed. They come as 3 sets. Each set consists of 10 PSD files that have popular sizes for Google AdWords:

  • 160x600px,
  • 300x250px,
  • 300x600px,
  • 320x100px,
  • 336x280px,
  • 468x60px,
  • 728x90px,
  • 970x250px,
  • 600x314px,
  • and 300x300px.

Needless to say, the banners meet any of today’s Google requirements. What’s more, these products can be used elsewhere! Don’t hesitate to try the banners for any of your adds.

Resources to Make Your Brand Recognizable

#12 Logo Branding Bundle


Without a doubt, it’s an important step to customize your logo. It helps the audience to remind your company. For these reasons, we recommend you to view out this logo bundle. It comes with 3000+ items. The pack includes:

  • 150 premium logo templates,
  • many web fonts that are fully changeable,
  • 40 cute icons for logos,
  • 35 samples for slogan,
  • more than 1500 CCO images, and more.

You can edit all the elements using these tools:

  • Adobe PS,
  • Adobe Illustrator,
  • Adobe InDesign.

#13 Colorful Branding Identity Stationery Pack Bundle

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To make your visual content unusual and brand more recognizable, we added this impressing bundle. It’s the ideal tool for brands and startups. Being suitable for any business niche, the bundle has PSD, EPS, and InDD formats. All of them come with a creative, clean, and high-quality design.

To make a long story short, here’s a short list of items and options you can find inside the bundle:

  • easy editing and customization,
  • light and dark color schemes variations,
  • styles for your menu,
  • guidelines and trim marks,
  • print-ready items,
  • organization by name,
  • 300DPI + resizable vectors,
  • Bleeds,
  • text styles and text templates,
  • color changing with a single click, etc.

Color Schemes Resources

#14 Coolors


This tool is a real must-see for users, who want to find a lightning-fast and easy color scheme generator. All you’ll have to do is to click on the spacebar. And then you get a perfect color solution! Using the tool, you can pick up shades from custom images to get a winning combination automatically. Plus, you can change the temperature of a color, hue, work with brightness and saturation… Finally, you can create palette collections and save the results in any handy format.

Social Media Packs Resources

#15 GirlBoss

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Actually, GirlBoss is a stunning social media bundle, which works on your business style. Want it to be unique and beautiful? Thus, here’s your must-have. Being ideal for blog, creative business, and eCommerce startups, GirlBoss provides a user with the next features:

  • changeable color variations,
  • well-organized layers,
  • totally editable files,
  • free pics,
  • many eye-friendly examples of web typography,
  • horizontal templates for FB, (14)
  • square templates for Inata, (14)
  • and vertical templates for Pinterest, (also 14)

#16 Gravity

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To see more incredible resources for the visual content creation, check Gravity. This is another premium and multipurpose bundle with social media banners. Each of them is optimized for Insta and other well-known networks. Use Gravity for blogs, social posts, business projects, etc. and get:

  • highly organized and fully editable files in PSD format,
  • changeable colors,
  • free typography,
  • 20 square templates for your Instafeed and more!

#17 Brandit

Details| Demo

To end this point, let’s view out one more quality social media banners pack. Brandit contains 12 attention-grabbing banners that are suitable for multiple niches. Opening the bundle, a user will see such elements:

  • 12 templates for Insta, 12 for Facebook, and 12 for Pinterest,
  • PSD files to edit in PS,
  • free pics and fonts,
  • 3 editable mockups,
  • logos and badges.

#18 Cover Photos for Facebook Timeline Bundle

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Needless to say, FB is the place any online user visits on the regular basis. That’s why you should take care of it as well! Here’s the resource of visual elements for your Facebook page. It contains 10 unique cover pics that are 100% easy-to-edit. These PSD files come for:

  • creative design agency,
  • showroom,
  • auto service,
  • electronics and gadgets shop,
  • coffee shop,
  • travel company,
  • grill bar,
  • cosmetics shop
  • consulting company,
  • and floral design.

Resources for Infographics

#19 3D Business Bundle


Details| Demo

Now it’s time to move to the trendiest way to introduce your info! We already told you how useful infographics can be, so let’s move to the resources you can use to create them. 3D Business Bundle is a fresh package, which consists of tones of voguish visual design elements. All of these items are realistic enough to impress your viewers. The elements can be used for:

  • eCommerce,
  • online project,
  • business trends,
  • annual report,
  • brochures,
  • presentations,
  • business analysis,
  • adds.
  • promo emails,
  • resume.
  • cv, and more!

To sum everything up, the pack contains:

  • 5 individual infographics styles,
  • 35+ vectors and templates,
  • stylish color solutions,
  • EPS and AI CS5 files you can change the way you want,
  • and fonts.

#20 Big Bundle Infographic Elements

Details| Demo

Here’s one more marvelous set for infographics. Besides, it contains many other good-looking UI elements like icons, custom shapes, charts, and graphs. Each element comes with a new color scheme. Shortly, choosing this resource for visuals, a user gets:

  • 40+ different infographics elements,
  • 8 individual infographics,
  • vectors, fonts, icons, and much more!

With these 40+ stunning vector elements and templates, you will get your design projects ready in minutes.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many attractive visual elements you can use to improve the way your business look. And, for good, there are lots of resources – both free and premium – you can use for such purposes. Summing up, they are:

  • infographics,
  • images,
  • color schemes and their generators,
  • web fonts,
  • icons,
  • vectors,
  • presentations,
  • 3D elements,
  • PSD files,
  • social media ready-made elements,
  • advertising banners,
  • PS sketches,
  • UI templates,
  • Bundles for AdWords,
  • Brand identity items like logos, and more.

Luckily, in 2018, you don’t have to be a skilled user or well-known web designer to work with these visuals. Each and every one of them is easy in use when the named resources are quite simple and creator-friendly.

The thing is that it doesn’t really matter what your business is about. It always should look classy, so the customers will take it seriously. Thus, study all the modern visuals, find your favs, and don’t forget to experiment!