They say content is king. But when it comes to marketing, visuals should be considered queen.

In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to have great writing and smart text. You need stunning photography and images to accompany the written word. But how do small businesses find engaging photos without employing a photographer or spending a fortune on Shutterstock and photography subscriptions?

Luckily there are several great sites where you can images that will make your website content and publications shine. In fact, all the images used in this post were from one of the sites listed below. And best of all – the images are free! Let’s look at four photography sites to obtain images.

Free Photo Websites

Pixabay – This site has more than 950,000 high-quality, free stock images, illustrations and video. The images are released from copyright, which means you don’t even need to attribute them when you’re using them online. The images range from writing tools, to food and nature, and more.

Pexels – On Pexels, the photos are free to use for personal and commercial use. You can download and modify the photos, meaning crop and resize the images. These photos are also released from copyright and don’t need any attribution. Popular image categories include: success, river, house, finance, working, relaxation, reading and nature.

Unsplash – Want free, high-resolution photos that are customized to your needs and delivered to your inbox? Then Unsplash is your tool. What’s neat about Unspalsh is the “Collections” feature where you can browse photos by category. You can find beautiful photos in collections including Food Styling, Pink, Architectural Lines, Computer, Textures, Workspaces and Urban Art. All you need to do is create and account and start finding photos.

Flickr Creative Commons – Many Flickr users have donated their photos to use with a Creative Commons license. There are thousands of photos in the various categories that are free the use. The only catch is you need to give the photographer credit if you use a photo that requires attribution. Here’s an example of how to write a photo caption:

Photo Credit: leahsinger via Flicks Creative Commons (hyperlink)

DIY Hack: Easy Photo Editing Tool

If you want to take your photos up a notch, try using a free service like Picmonkey allows you to create collages, borders and creative elements. You don’t need to use an expensive suite like Photoshop that requires extensive learning.

You can also create collages, add borders or writing to enhance your graphics. Picmonkey also allows you to create Facebook banners and Pinterest collages. The basic features on Picmonkey are free. If you want a more enhanced experience, you can pay for a subscription service.

Adding photography and images will give your text the added touch to really get readers’ attention and make your content shine. And using one of these free services makes it easy to grab beautiful photographs in any category.