A small business owner is often described as a Jack (or Jill) of all Trades. She must be the director of sales, marketing, operations, accounting, and customer service all at one time. Small business owners tend to adopt the DIY philosophy that is, do everything yourself in order to keep costs low.

Another distraction for the DIYMarketer is what I call drinking from the information hose. There is so much information out there, that it’s hard to choose where to put your focus. Rather than reading EVERYTHING, it’s best to select a few resources that best fit your business information needs, and put your focus there.

I recently came across a great blog article entitled 8 Sites Every Small Business Owner Should Bookmark, posted at BusinessCredtCards.com. Lets take a look at four of those sites to see how they can benefit your business. Rather than read EVERYTHING – start with these eight and then pick the few that really give you the bang for your marketing minute.

Small Business Trends

This award-winning online publication is designed specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The website and it’s sub-publications provide information and guidance for small business owners, while at the same time, keeping you informed of the latest business trends. Small Business Trends reaches four million readers annually. One of their publications TweakYourBiz.com is a social media website forum that allows you to post articles and blog content relevant to the business community. The social sharing aspect lets you vote on popular posts and share via Facebook and Twitter.


This online magazine has been helping entrepreneurs navigate the business world for nearly 40 years. The website includes best business practices, helpful tips and tools, technology innovations, and a robust legal and financial section to answer your tough questions. Entreprenuer.com has great ideas for taking your business to the next level, or if you’re just starting out and need help with the basics.


StartupNation?s motto is ?everything you need to build a business,? and their website provides exactly that. The company touts itself as being founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It’s a free site that contains everything you need for business success. The website contains community forums, blogs, articles, resources and much more that is geared specifically to help solo practitioners have the best business possible.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

This 24-hours new website has nearly 310,000 professional service subscribers.

The site contains news, data, advice, articles and stock market analytics on a minute-by-minute basis. The sites partnership with Bloomberg insures the most quality data available. In addition, slideshows, multi-media presentations, charts, graphs and more are all available for you to understand the business world better and apply the information directly to your small business needs.

Remember that as you build up your business or strive to take it to the next level you are not alone. Just because you may be an entrepreneur does not mean you are flying solo. Bookmark the four websites above, as well as the others listed in the BusinessCredtCards.com article, and start building your network now. You’ll be surprised how much you will learn and the networking you can do from your own computer screen.