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49 Branded Content Ideas

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Use these branded content ideas to make more money in your consulting business.

Is Your Non-Branded Content Costing You Sales?

If you’re afraid to charge what you’re worth and your target audience hems and haws about your rates — it’s because you have no brand or your brand simply isn’t strong enough.

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What is Branded Content?

Branded content is what sets you apart from everyone else. More than anything, branded content is grounded in your story, your values, your beliefs. Branded content is emotional and drives happiness, sadness, even anger.

You’re already familiar with Nike’s branded content:

branded content ideas example with Kaepernick and Nike

But now, let me show you some branded content from consultants who are just like YOU.

Meet Amanda Weston

Amanda weston branded content ideas

Amanda Weston isn’t just an expert writer, she’s an expert writer with Jasper.AI. She posts on Facebook often and every post that references something regarding content has her “Blogs By Jarvis” Brand.

And You Already Know Frank Kern

frank kern example of branded content ideas

Nothing fancy here, that’s why I’m sharing it. Kern’s brand is all about approachable copy and practical images — and this is what he features.

How Branded Content Works

Branded content = profits. The big brands know that, otherwise, they wouldn’t invest millions in brand building and building brand authority.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a big brand to make branded content work in your favor.

The best branded content sticks in your audience’s mind and magically communicates trust.

Branded content communicates your brand’s value

Your brand’s value is the ideal outcome that your customers are buying in exchange for the money they give you.

Your job is to figure out exactly what that is on an emotional level:

  • They want it now. In what ways does your brand shorten the time to the outcome? People will pay MORE for faster.
  • They want security. In what ways does your brand assure success?
  • They want value. In what ways does your brand make them feel like they got MORE than what they paid for.

These are just a few of the elements you want to outline so that you can incorporate them in every piece of your content marketing.

Use Your Brand Content to Capture Audience Attention

I’ll bet you’re thinking that branded content is hard to create and to create consistently. But, if you map out these basics, it will be much easier to create a compelling story around the values that you outlined. for your branded content strategy and branded content campaigns.

Do this to create branded content:

  1. Work out a tag line or 5-word description that captures your audience’s trust and attention.
  2. Get a real logo and brand design. The better you look, the more money you make. I highly recommend 99designs.
  3. Use Canva to create branded templates for everything: slides and presentations, social media posts, quotes, blog banners, infographics, anything and everything you use and post online.

49 Branded Content Ideas

OK, so you went through this process, you have a logo and a look and feel, but how do you use it when you’re creating branded content.

Use this list of content types

  1. Ultimate Guide: The key to success with this is to make sure that your point of view is clearly represented.
  2. Infographics: If you have a unique process or your own data, share practical and branded infographics.
  3. Short videos: Whether you’re doing TikTok videos, Instagram stories, even YouTube videos – be sure to share any demonstrations or or how-to content with your brand prominently displayed.
  4. Lists and more lists: People love lists, so create branded content that shares any lists.

Create a schedule or calendar using these prompts

Here’s what I recommend. Come up with a set of prompts or hooks for content across multiple platforms.

I’ve done the research for you, and these are the ones that get the most engagement.

  1. You won’t believe this
  2. X reasons why
  3. Something you didn’t know
  4. Simple important tip
  5. 10 [insert tool tips] I use to do…
  6. Top 5 sites or creators I use to save time as a [insert niche]
  7. How I got x in 24 hours
  8. Nobody is talking about
  9. This is why your X isn’t working
  10. Here’s X tiny tips that can help you do…
  11. There’s one tiny hack that creates exponential results
  12. [TOPIC] tricks that work for [audience]
  13. If you are a [target audience] you need to know this 
  14. Here’s a quick trick I learned years ago and it’s allowed me to…
  15. What if you could …
  16. What if you never…
  17. Imagine…
  18. Are you sick and tired
  19. Looking for a new way
  20. Do you want to stop worrying about
  21. The best [insert technique] I’ve ever done
  22. The 10 [tips, strategies, tools, etc] I wish I knew earlier
  23. You need this/these [tools, behaviors, etc] for [industry or job]
  24. The really simple way to [result]…
  25. I studied [X number of] [websites, options, etc] and I found some patterns that I’m going to share with you today
  26. If your X is low, try this [insert your tip, hack or strategy]
  27. X [tips, hacks, ideas] anyone can use to [desired result]— Number X will blow your mind.
  28. Don’t skip this if you want X [end result]
  29. Want to know how to master [skill] in [time – 30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 days]
  30. Cracking the code for [result people are looking for]
  31. X [tips, hacks, strategies] to get [desired outcome]
  32. Need some [insert what it is- idea, tip, hack, strategy] for your next [marketing tactic – webinar, blog post]
  33. Here’s what to do if you want [result]
  34. The best [tool, tip, idea] I have ever used to [desired outcome]
  35. Can I share a secret with you
  36. The fastest way to [desired result]
  37. Stop making these mistakes when it comes to [your niche]
  38. This hack will help you
  39. Top tips for [desired result]
  40. X secrets to making [desired result]
  41. X secrets to getting [desired result] in [time frame]
  42. This is the #1 mistake I see [your audience] making
  43. This is your sign to start [activity, what you want them to do]
  44. You need this [tactic, tool idea. strategy] in your [life, business]
  45. Did you know that you can turn your [skill, talent, X] into money? Here’s how
  46. X things you can do right now to get [desired result]
  47. WARNING!!! These X [things, strategies, tips] will [desired result or something scary]
  48. Save [amount of time] with this hack
  49. Want [Awesome Outcome] In [Time period]?

Every single one of these prompts is an opportunity to feature your branded content and promote your specific brand values.

Here Are the Tools I Use to Promote Branded Content

PromoRepublic: If you find that you’re short on ideas, PromoRepublic is your tool.

You can set up your brand logos and colors and use their recommendations straight from the platform or you can even edit the posts to suit your brand.

They also have this amazing calendar feature that gives you an overview of your calendar. You can schedule, post and analyze.

Canva is the most popular tool for creating branded content. There’s a free version and you can also create a branded file where you can specify your colors and fonts to make creating branded content easier.


Canva is a design software that is used to create graphics for a variety of mediums, including social media posts, websites, and digital ads.

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Branded content helps communicate your brand’s values, and connects you to your customers in a way that makes price virtually irrelevant.

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