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5 Email Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Conversions

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Are you eager to use an email marketing strategy but coming up short? In this article, we’re sharing five overlooked email marketing tips that can skyrocket conversions.

Look, you spend hours strategizing, planning and sending email marketing campaigns only to find that they are going unopened or opened and deleted.  This is incredibly time consuming and ultimately frustrating if you aren’t getting good results.

How Profitable is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to advertise what they have to offer. While it’s common for businesses to use direct mail – a recent study shows that 57 percent of mail being sent at that time was still direct mail – it may be a smarter investment to focus on email marketing. Studies have shown that email marketing offers businesses $44 for each $1 spent.

For some perspective, consider that influencer marketing makes $6.50 for every dollar spent.  And Google Pay Per Click ads get you only about $2 for every dollar spent.

email roi comparison 2019

(source: Valve-Meter)

Personalize Your Email Content

There are many ways to leverage personalization in your B2B marketing strategy. While you may know the benefits, you may not take them seriously. Personalized email content is one of the best ways to boost the efficacy of your email marketing. Personalized emails offer six times higher transaction rates than emails that do not offer personalization.

Segment your email list by interest

Personalization means more than just using the email subscriber’s name in the content. This isn’t enough; many recipients are aware of this tactic, so personalization should be taken a step further.

One way you can further personalize your email is by segmenting your audience into different groups.  Each person landed on your email list for a reason;

  • If they are a customer, what products or services are they purchasing?
email marketing tips personalization
  • What problems are they expecting to solve with your product or service?
  • How are they hoping to transform their life with your product or service?

Each of these is an interest segment (grouping based on what interests the people on your list). It’s not as hard as you think, every marketing automation software will do this easily.

You can then send relevant content to each group. This will likely result in an increase in open-rates and click-through rates and help you reach your goals.

Avoid Specific Words in Your Email Subject Lines and Email Copy

Spam filters exist to prevent malicious emails from reaching the intended audience. However, spammers have learned to create emails that use words that a business would use too. As a result, filters have had to grow more sophisticated and allow more genuine content to gain access to consumer inboxes. Take the time to learn how to do email marketing so you can reap the benefits.

avoid email spam filters email marketing tips

Here’s a tip: when you’re writing emails, picture a single individual on your email list and then write the email as if you’re writing just to that one person.

Vary the Times You Send Email Campaigns

Your goal is to catch people who are checking their inbox so your email is close to the top. The more time that lapses between when you send it and when your customers check their email, the less chance they will read the email you worked so hard to create.

You also want to avoid sending promotional content at the same time as your competitors, so it’s also smart to consider sending emails on the weekend. Research shows that businesses don’t often opt to start campaigns on Saturday or Sunday, so you will decrease your competition. More people than ever check their inbox on the weekends, so you don’t need to worry that your audience will fail to see view email.

Include Irresistible Calls to Action

If you’re going to take the time to create and send automated emails, it helps to follow a few good content marketing rules.  All effective emails contain an irresistible call to action such as:

  • Yes! I want one
  • Order Now
  • Save 50% Now
  • Get Free Shipping

These calls to action should be on your social media promotions and link directly to a landing page that contains the offer in the headline.

Add Video or Audio to Your Emails

While you still can’t watch a video inside of an email (you’ll always be directed to a new page), including a video in your email marketing tends to get more attention, more opens and more clicks.

Optimize Emails for Mobile Devices 

Very few people today actually use a desktop computer to check their emails. To best support your marketing efforts, you need to ensure your campaigns are optimized for devices. If your campaigns do not look good when viewed on a device, they won’t be read, and no one will take action.

Check to ensure you have good mobile templates. A few other tips include using short subject lines, typing in a larger font such as 13 pixels and keeping your email design under 600 pixels.

Make sure you leverage the “pre-header” option in your email marketing system. Think of it as an irresistible headline – something that will make your recipient want to click.  Add some fun by using emojis.

It’s also ideal to use one-column email designs so the reader can better focus on what you have to share.

how to optimize email for mobile devices email marketing tips

It’s clear that email marketing is one of the best tactics you can use to help your business grow. For years now, it has been the most profitable form of digital marketing. However, many businesses still fail to optimize their email marketing campaigns to get the most revenue.

One final tip if you want folks to open your email: make sure you personalize your emails and steer clear of the traps your competition is falling into and watch your revenue soar.

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