The web is cluttered with marketing content, but not all of it is great, or even good, content. The time is now for small business owners to focus on creating new marketing habits after all it’s vital to your business to create high quality, attractive and memorable content. Captora tells us that 61 percent of consumers prefer companies with custom online content. In order to make your business shine and help you capture your target audience’s attention, visual content marketing is essential.

The evolution of social media shines a spotlight on the importance of visual content to promote content and brands online. Facebook consistently updates and modifies it’s Newsfeed to include images and videos, Pinterest has risen to the fourth most popular social networking site, and Twitter now pulls pictures and videos to its timeline. If you still aren?t convinced, take a look at these six reasons to implement a visual content marketing campaign.

It Grabs Your Audience’s Attention

[Tweet “How many tweets are generated daily? 1.5 mil, 140 mil, 2 bil?”]

Visual content marketing can be the superhero in your marketing campaign when done correctly. Every day, 140 million tweets are generated and 2 million videos are updated. Make sure you are one of those millions.

The Human Brain Processes Visual Stimuli Quickly

Visuals make better content than stand-alone lines and blocks of texts. The human brain has the ability to process a limited amount of information at one time, and data, like images or videos that can be processed more quickly will take precedence in capturing a person’s attention over typed words. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it can decode text.

Visuals Generate More Views for Your Posts

Compelling visual elements and graphics generate up to 94 percent more views for your posts. Therefore, taking the time to attach a powerful picture or meaningful video is worth it. Consider Instagram if your social media marketing is stagnant it’s a great platform with a lot of activity and opportunity for companies to promote their brands.

Visual Content Can Go Viral

If viewers like the content well enough to share it in their own social networks, it can go viral and bring in thousands of inbound links. As you create and post visual content, remember it needs to be clickable so it can bring inbound links back to your business. Infographics and other visuals that go viral can improve your branding and give you greater probability of being contacted for business by up to 60 percent of your target audiences.[Tweet “What visual medium can increase the probability of being contacted for business by 60% of your target?”]

Visual Can Increase Subscribers and Followers

Content without texts and words get fewer likes, comments, and shares than strong visual content. Articles with high quality visual elements show a 37 percent increase in engagement over those without visual elements.

Visual Content Can Influence Human Emotions

The colors your visuals use can determine how a viewer will take action and even influence potential buyers purchasing decisions. Certain colors and color combination generate different types of emotions among viewers, leading them to feel excited about your product or to take a step back and not make the purchase. Choose colors with care.

If you are struggling to get results from your content marketing efforts, it may be time to power up and kick your campaign up a notch. Visual content marketing isn’t just a fad it is one of the most powerful online marketing tools the world has ever seen. As a business owner, you should consider using this engaging way of connecting with your target customers.

How have you integrated visual content marketing into your business? marketing campaign?


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