So you’ve mastered social media. You’re a whiz at putting out email newsletters. What else can you possibly tackle as your own DIY marketing master press releases

How about press releases?

If you haven’t considered using them to boost your online presence, here are 6 reasons you should:

1. They’re Great Little SEO Boosters. When you distribute a press release online, it gets published on dozens of news and niche websites. And each of those sites links back to your own website. Google approves.

2. They Help You Rank for Keywords. If you’ve selected keywords to improve your SEO, press releases are yet another place you can use them. That way, when people search for these keywords, if they don’t find your site, they’ll find the press release, which will still lead them back to your site.

3. They Make You Look Important. Press releases aren?t just for major corporations announcing mergers and acquisitions. Your recent company expansion is news, as is that big contract you won. The more news you have online, the more buzz you’ll generate for your company.

4. You’ve Got Plenty of News to Share. Don’t believe me? Here are 21 examples for your press release. It can be hard to see that your recent award for best in class in whatever you do is big news, but it’s definitely press-worthy. And if you plan a schedule of one release a month, you’ll keep a steady stream of fodder for the Google/SEO engine you want to feed.

5. You’ll Have Something to Show Journalists. While journalists don’t often find your press release online and reach out to write a story, it does happen. You can also use the link for your press release published online in your pitch when you email a journalist you think should cover your news. Having it already published online gives you more credibility and shows that you were professional enough to write and distribute a release.

6. They’re Part of a Strong Marketing and PR Strategy. You’ve heard the proverb about the eggs that shouldn?t be all in the same basket. PR should be a part of what you’re doing to drive traffic to your website and create better brand awareness.

Writing and Distributing Your Press Release

When it comes to writing a press release, you’ve got a couple of options:

  1. Write it yourself

  2. Hire someone else to write it

Because you’re DIY, let’s look at number one. There are books and blogs out there that will teach you to write a press release, so if you have the time, go that route. Hubspot offers a press release template to get you started.

You can use a press release distribution site like PRWeb to get your release out across the web, and you can send it to individual journalists, as I mentioned before.

Getting More Out of Your Press Release

The great thing about press releases is that you can share them so easily on social media. PRWeb includes tools built into each release (similar to the Share This function on blog posts) so that you and other readers can Tweet the release and share it on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites.

Email it to your contacts once it’s published too, to maximize your exposure. Then post the release on your News site and your blog. The more places you can repurpose or share your press release, the more bang you’ll get for your buck!

Press releases are a fantastic addition to what you’re already doing to market your business.