Have you ever had a trial or tribulation? If not then the rest of this article is not for you. I wrote this article for the ones that have been through something. The next time you fall down, you don’t have to stay down.

I use the number 7 because it means completion. Your life will never be complete if you never know what you are made of. Every journey has a path that leaves a trail for the next pioneer. Below you will see 7 ways to get up so you never have to stay down.

Make a copy of this blueprint and follow my instructions.

?Ladies and gentlemen this is a fire drill. This drill should fire you UP and give you the mindset that you never want to stay down. Stop everything you are doing and lay down right now with your back against the floor. Practice will prepare us for what can happen when the pressure is on. Now, you are ready to move on to step 1.

1. Give Up. This is the moment in life where you let go of what has not worked and focus on what can work. Give Up the old and give in to the new.

2. Sit Up. Collect your thoughts and realize that dust has settled and you still have a chance to shine.

3. Look Up. Once you can see it, you can be it. Inspire a vision that will never stop searching for success.

4. Stand Up. Before you go anywhere make sure you are planted in progress and possibility. Find a foundation with water that will never let you die of thirst.

5. Walk Up. One you realize your foundation is solid; it’s time to walk out in faith. Keep walking in faith it until you make it. When you make it, keep the faith.

6. Step Up. The faith you develop will move mountains and you will stand on top. When you reach incredible heights do not look down on others unless you look down to lift them up.

7. Dress Up. Become and accept that you are successful. As time and resources permit look like a winner and not a beginner. The old school people would put it like this Dress for success.

Have you seen D. Wade in that commercial where he fell down seven times? The blessing is that he got up eight. I pray no one ever has to use this blueprint. I wish no pain or suffering towards any man, woman or child. My wish is for everyone to stay on their feat. Feat is not misspelled. You will go and not only reach great feats, but you will be so successful that they will have to feature you.