Adrian Ott?s bestselling book, “The 24-Hour Customer”, teaches you how to penetrate a market of consumers that has little time for everything and almost none for you, but they do have time to spare for social networks.

In this Hangout Ott presents tools, strategies, and examples that can help you maximize every opportunity in the market and use them to attract consumers with the little time that they have. That’s The 24-Hour Consumer for you.

In her new book, “Exponential Influence: Designing Digital Habits That Engage Distracted Customers”, the first of the Exponential Influence book series, Ott shows you another plane in today’s technology-bound market.

Ott says that there is a need for marketers to influence the consumers? digital habits, that marketers use strategic methods to insert themselves in the consumers? busy schedule. But how can you do that when consumers are less likely to be engaged in your business as they are distracted by social networks? How can you gain loyalty from consumers in a very competitive market? Can you do that through repetitive strategies and campaigns?

Adrian goes on to say?that repetitive messages, those that create traditional habits, do not really generate digital habits repetitive messages may even break digital habits.

The 3 Things You Need to Build on Your Customers Digital Habits

There are?three things that you need to understand so that you can build on your consumers? digital habits: time-ographics, triggers, and rewards. Ott?s presentation on the triggers that engage consumers makes her book more remarkable. When you understand the triggers, you can break away from giving your consumers the same repetitive messages. These triggers are: peers and power, personal pursuits, price, productivity, and prairie dog events.

Aside from all these, Ott also shows you in her book some relevant samples on how big companies make use of certain strategies that lead to the formation of their consumers? digital habits.