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DIY Marketers is a special hangout for people like you – folks responsible for small business marketing, who may not have a strong marketing background in it.

Stay a while, and DIY Marketers will help you look like a pro!

Most of us use DIY Marketers as a short-cut for better, stronger marketing. Membership takes stress out of doing it yourself when it comes to marketing your business.

  • So, wondering if you should set up a Fan Page on Facebook? Not a problem. Check out DIY Marketers first for easy how-to help.
  • Trying to establish your niche for more targeted marketing? Follow the steps available here to an easy path to your Unique Selling Position (USP).
  • Are you stuck, trying to figure out how to reach a specific group of prospects without breaking the bank? DIY Marketers can help shine a light on the path to the results you want.

Even seasoned professionals can use a fresh approach to see what works best, without the hype and fluff of the gurus out there. Just the member forum alone is an excellent way to share ideas and challenges – shaving days and dollars off a typical trial-and-error approach.

Be part of the hundreds of savvy professionals who have already taken advantage of what DIY Marketers has to offer:

  • Get stronger, specific ideas that bring you better results!
  • Avoid wasting time and dollars on ideas that just don’t work!
  • Get the facts to back up your hunches!
  • Learn the latest trends (social media, video, etc.), with clear advice on how to use them to YOUR best advantage!
  • See what other businesses are doing – and learn from their mistakes? and triumphs!
  • Find effective ways to stir up demand for your products and services!
  • Learn exactly what you need for a smarter approach when reaching out to your customers!
  • Avoid the humiliation of near misses and lost opportunities!
  • Get everything you need to know for powerhouse marketing strategy, all in one place!

It Takes a Village?
To Keep Up with Today’s Marketing!

Let’s face it. In today’s fast-changing marketplace, the old ?Lone Wolf? approach just doesn’t cut it. Reach out today, and see better results tomorrow. Join DIY Marketers now! It’s FREE? but only for a limited time. (Why wait? All it takes is a few clicks and you’re in!)

Four Reasons You Need to Join DIY Marketers Now:


  1. It’s FREE. Hello? Did someone say freeee? It’s a new site and we’re learning a lot. That’s why it’s free to join now and ?Pay to Play? in any of the upcoming sessions that we have. In a few months as the content fills – the price may go up, so get in while the getting?s good.
  2. It’s EASY. When it comes to marketing your small business, we’ll tell you exactly what to do and where to go. Unlike the other sites, packed with all that hype and ideas but no plan of action, we tell you how to do things step-by-step. Segment your market? build your list? identify your best market? We show you why you need it, and how to do it, on your own.
  3. It’s TESTED. Don’t waste time and money, shooting in the dark, hoping something you try will finally get results. No time for that nonsense! Be in the know? fast. All the information is pre-analyzed and pre-processed for your consumption. We process the current trends and tell you how you can use them.
  4. It’s SMART. Learn from the experts. Get inside their head. Learn from their experience. We’ve got copywriters, SEO experts, market researchers, social media experts. When you need help with your marketing, this is the place to be.

Don’t wait another minute!

Stop spending time, money and energy trying to figure this out on your own own! DIY Marketers gives you the step-by-step easy-to-follow marketing help to create a winning strategy on your own. It’s FREE, but only for a limited time.

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