Twitter-Cards (1)

If you are looking for some great marketing ideas to help your business, think about incorporating them around a “Twitter Card.” Sure, you’ve heard of Twitter, but now Twitter has gone “multimedia!” They are wanting to levelize their impact with Facebook and Instagram, with all of their multimedia capabilities so they now allow you to create what’s called a “Twitter card” that allows you to attach media to your Tweets. This helps you market your brand or message on a level that attracts more customers and engages people more with social media content which they can share.

Here are three sound marketing ideas to start with if you are wanting to use Twitter cards with your Tweets:

1. Attach a Photo Card with your next Tweet which followers can see with their own eyes. The photo card lets you include a photo only. This puts the image front and center when you tweet customers and followers about something you want them to see visually. You can pull in images from Flickr or other photo services and attach it to your tweet. Info graphics have taken front stage lately in the marketing world and people love to see a photo with colorful graphic images or information in an info graphic. You could send either one with a photo card by pulling the image into your next Tweet.

2. Include a Product Card with your next sales presentation. A product card allows you to add an image of your product on the left margin below your Tweet of 140 characters. Then you can also add up to two descriptors of your product below that. If your business is product oriented, this will allow you to get your product in front of them quickly and easily, hook them with brief descriptions of your products, and allows you to engage them by allowing them to share and comment via Twitter. Another of the best marketing ideas to use with a product card is to include a screenshot of an online coupon you have in your store to get them to want to click on and share it with others and go to your website.

3. Use a Player Card and insert videos of sales presentations. The key here is to create a great video first. Then insert it in the player card to send with your next Tweet. People love video. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that around 65% of sales and done following a video they watched about a product or service. So create a great video first then put it in a Player card and tweet it! There is a brief approval process for creating your Player Card but there are instructions on the Twitter website so it’s easy to follow. You can incorporate audio streams and pod casts from Sound Cloud, video from You Tube and much more using a Player Card.


BONUS: Twitter Card Marketing Tips

These marketing ideas will get you started using Twitter cards on a regular basis to your followers. Make it a practice to add also into your marketing ideas strategy to “Add 5 followers a week.” Do this by finding people in your area who are interested in your type of business, add them, then see if they will add you too. Many people will add you without you doing anything and you can count these in your weekly quota. But the important thing is to always be on the look out for adding to your leads database on a regular basis which you can then market too with any of these marketing ideas you come up with.

Use Custom ads and videos

Social media is one of the best ways to leverage your control over your market. Using custom ads and videos, rich content that draws people in and makes them want to share your message with the world, and other marketing ideas will help you make your mark over time.

Stay focused and consistent

It doesn’t happen overnight. But you will find that, while Rome wasn’t built in a day, it happened brick by brick, city by city, until it made its presence known. And when it did, it rose to a grandiosity that time has never erased and is known as one of the greatest kingdoms ever build by man.

So it goes with your online business too. Work on it day by day, send Twitter cards as you come up with ideas, but make them focused. Work it into your business plan. Study the different types of Twitter cards you can send and decide which format is right for you. And last, but not least, put a link to your Twitter account on your website. Some web hosting plans now even allow you to put a live tweet feed on your site. This is a great idea too.

Have fun and remember, the web is your property online–your real estate in the sky. Build it to the top!