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10 Presentation Templates for Trainers

Want to know the best definition of communication? I got if from a 7 year old. "Communication means taking something from your head and putting into their head." Come to think of it this is a pretty good definition for teaching and training as well. Here are 10 great...

Is Billboard Advertising Effective?

Is Billboard Advertising Effective?

If you're a business owner and you've ever commuted into work, you've probably thought about billboard advertising at some point. How effective is it? Who does it really work for? And would outdoor advertising be a good option to drive foot traffic to your business?...

How Ignoring SEO Website Design Costs You Customers

How Ignoring SEO Website Design Costs You Customers

Don't ignore SEO in your website design. Your website doesn't just have to look good, it has to drive new customers. This is a real-life marketing lesson from Conor O’Flynn, Commercial Director of O’Flynn Medical. He's an avid reader of and sent in...

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