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You want to keep your existing customers coming back to your store. You want to gain new customers too. Of course, you also want to steal?well lure your competitors? customers away. There is one answer to each of these goals: blogging. Business blogging can be a major asset to retaining and gaining customers as long as it is done correctly. A carefully planned and well-written blog that is frequently updated goes further with customers than one that is disorganized or not well-written.
Now that you are ready to blog, here are some blogging tips for retail business you want to use to make your blog successful:

Practice PYBT! It?ll Save You Time

One of the blogging tips for retail business is to plan your blogging posts, or PYBP. The best retail blogs to read are the ones that are fun to read, provide timely information on a relative subject matter. Let’s start with the last part first because for some people thinking of topics is like watching a customer walk into a competitors? store. It feels them with dread.

Whether you are in that category or not, focus on the subjects that are important to your business. Thinking of topics are not that hard. For instance, if you are a fashion retailer, you do not want to write about summer fashion in December. Instead, write about the topic within a couple weeks or months of the upcoming season. Just in case you need to inspiration, the following is some general guidance on retail blog topics:

  • Share industry news.
  • Let readers know when you have new orders in for ?hot? or new items.
  • Post pictures of latest products at trade shows you attend.
  • Explain problems customers may have with a product.
  • Share tips from retail experts. You may even talk to your support and sales staff about problems customers are having.
  • Post a blog asking readers what they need help with regarding your industry.
  • Write a product review.
  • Write how-to articles about products you sell or products in your industry.
  • Promote special store sales and/ or events.
  • Allow your staff to contribute. They be guest bloggers.
  • Post opening at your retail store and any corporate career opportunities (if you are part of a retail chain).

Remember, you do not have to have 365 blog topics. Blogging frequently requires about two to three times per week. Also, you want to be flexible with your topics. Do not be afraid to change the topic if need arises.

Think like a Customer

When thinking about blog topics, also think about search terms. This is how you readers will find you if they are not going directly to your website. Search terms include things like ?fall fashion 2015?, ?shopping trends? or advice on?. These incoming search terms should be embedded in your blog post so make sure that the two- to five-word terms make sense.

Don’t overthink this (I know that I do). Instead, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and pretend that you are interested in buying your product or service, what would you type into the Google search field?

Inform or Teach, But Don’t Sell

Writing a blog is not about pushing sales. It’s about gaining trust. So write the blog as if you are talking to a friend, not trying to give a sales pitch.

How do you talk, not sell?

The first thing you want to do is use a personal tone instead of business lingo. In fact, you want to avoid using technical language altogether. You don’t want your readers to feel like they need to buy a new dictionary just to read your blog. Also, do not include any call-to-action or sales pitch in any of your blog posts.

Make Your Blog Interactive, not a One-way Conversation

Building a relationship with customers mean giving them a voice. There are plenty of software that allows readers to respond to blog posts such as:

  • Write a response.
  • Leave a comment.
  • Offer product ideas.
  • Write suggestions.
  • Provide feedback to posts.

Keep in mind that you may receive negative comments or responses. Respond to those negative comments in a professional manner just like you would in face-to-face interaction.

Practice Good Retail Blogging Policies

One of the most important blogging tips for retail business is to have good blogging practices. Blogging is just like any other part of your business. You have to maintain professionalism and integrity at all times. In general, the following are some of the best business blog practices to have:

  • Keep your blog relevant. Many retailers start off with good intentions, but end up posting things that are not relevant to customers? interests.
  • Be cautious about discussing private information with the public like:

Trade secrets.
Financial information.
Proprietary information.
Confidential information.

  • Give credit. It is inappropriate to copy and paste an article, news story or another blog post to your blog. You can use the information in the news story or article. However, you must provide new insight or commentary on the topic. At the end of your post, cite your sources by giving a link to the original article or post. This is the correct way to give credit and add a post to your blog.
  • Avoid publically going after your competitors. Writing a blog does not give you the right to publically bad mouth or bash competitors or suppliers.

Adding a blog to your retail business is a great way to keep your customers coming back to your store. It’s also way great way to lure competitors? customers away and add new customers. These blogging tips for retail business will help you avoid making mistakes and losing readers.