Try This Buyer Persona Generator and Get Amazing Results in 10 Seconds

I just tried this buyer persona generator and got a gorgeous buyer persona in less than 10 seconds. Best of…

By Ivana Taylor

Published on February 22, 2023

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You need this to create a buyer persona and generator to get your marketing juices flowing.

Do you have a buyer persona? I’m sure you do — in your head. But having an actual document with data on your user persona laid out is a powerful tool that will help you attract more of your ideal potential customers.

Now, there are a ton of buyer user persona examples and templates out there. But today, there’s an awesome AI-powered tool that will generate your user persona template in 10 seconds — no kidding.

How to Use a Buyer Persona Generator

Let’s be real, no AI or machine is going to create the perfect buyer persona right off the bat. That’s your job. But, a decent buyer persona generator can give you that jump start in the creation process, creating a solid, buyer persona template that you can use to craft hyper-targeted marketing messages and get those conversions you’ve been looking for.

What is is the perfect tool for marketers and designers who want to learn more about their clients and their customer experiences and personas. utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to have users create realistic customer personas that are tailored specifically for your business product or service.

How to use to Generate Your Ideal Customer Profile

I honestly don’t know how they do it — it’s truly the power of AI.

I put it to the test by adding the following description of It went something like this:

“DIYMarketers is an online magazine for solopreneurs who are looking for tools, sales tips, and strategies to help them do marketing on less than $17 a day.”

And this is what I got:

First, let me say that this is extremely accurate. I know this because my Google Analytics data proves it out.

image 13

Of course, you can always have more details about your ideal customer, but based on the fact that I only gave it the description I outlined above — DAMN — that’s pretty good.

Of course, I thought it was beginner’s luck, so I decided to try another one. This time, I used one of my online products, the Micro-Marketing Masterclass.

Here’s the description I wrote:

image 12

“Micro-Marketing Masterclass is a $97/mo library of tutorials helping solopreneurs and businesses without a lot of marketing experience do marketing on a budget. The course includes low-cost marketing hacks to save time and money”

And here’s the persona I got — in less than 10 seconds! I mean, it took me longer to write out the description!

image 14

And it couldn’t be easier – only requires a few clicks, and you’ll have an in-depth depiction of your company and ideal user persona in no time! With, having an understanding of your full target market and customer base has never been simpler!

7 Powerful Ways to Use Your New User Persona

But what do you do with these handy-dandy customer persona infographics? Glad you asked. Here’s a short list that I’ve come up with.

  1. Product development: Since these buyer personas contain a list of challenges, goals, and motivations, you can easily start brainstorming new products and services that will help your customers generate their ideal outcome.

  2. Targeted advertising: Now you can start targeting specific demographics and interests with your ads.

  3. Social media presence: Use your personas to generate engaging social media content and targeting. Post content that resonates with each persona and target your social media advertising to reach them.

  4. Email marketing: Personalize your email campaigns for each persona, using language and messaging that speaks to their specific interests and needs.

  5. Customer service: I suppose you can call this customer profiling. One of the things you can do is come up with a series of FAQs and answers for each profile, so your team is always prepared.

  6. Website optimization: This is one of my favorites. User experience and time on your site is so important. Once you understand what your user persona is looking for, you can optimize your website for each persona, making sure that the information and call-to-actions are tailored to their specific needs.

  7. Event marketing: Here’s a fun idea. Host events and promotions that are tailored to each persona, which will help you to better engage with your customers. You can create interest segments or “challenge” segments and when your event attendees register, you can give them a banner or a sticker. This will not only help you and your team, but will also help your attendees network and get to know each other.

Pricing: It’s free to use

Not much to talk about pricing — it’s free. While this isn’t a full-out user or customer persona platform it will get you 80% there. You can take the information you’ve learned and then tweak your user persona template as you learn more.

What I love about User Persona is a fantastic way to get user persona templates get the customer insight you need quickly and easily! With a few clicks, I was able to create comprehensive user personas, giving me detailed insights into my target customer and the experience they are looking for. It’s easy to understand, fast, and helped me better focus my messaging right away. Plus, their customer service team is incredibly responsive and helpful – if I ever run into any questions or problems, I know they are there to help. All around gets an A+ from me- it’s a great tool for generating user personas of any kind!

I highly recommend giving it a try – it’s helped me better understand my target market research audience and market and how to reach them effectively.