Your business can benefit from a variety of different outdoor signage strategies. Signage is one of the first types of marketing consumers will interact with before becoming customers. Check out these outdoor-focused signage strategies for your business.

Using outdoor signs to attract walk-in customers

Outdoor signs can be used to target customers who are simply walking or driving down the street. Large signs, such as monument signs, are the best for this strategy. The trick is to use a sign that is large enough to be seen from a relatively far distance and appealing enough to attract foot traffic. Outdoor signs that entice walk-in customers are often most successful when displaying only the business name or logo. This leaves a bit to the consumer’s imagination while tempting them to find out more by investigating inside your store.

Using outdoor signs to build brand loyalty

Outdoor signs substantially display and communicate your brand personality to the outside world, including already established customers. The more often people who shop your business regularly see your business name or logo, the more they think of the company. This lends itself to building trust and loyalty with customers because it’s a friendly reminder of your business’s existence. Try using logo signs and building signs for this purpose.

Using outdoor signs to help guide people to your store

Outdoor signs are great for helping to guide people into your store. Many businesses’ entrances are challenging to find, especially in a strip mall setting or location where your front door isn’t particularly visible. Outdoor signage, such as directional signs, can be of great use to your customers and potential customers. The easier it is to find your business, the more chance they will stop in to browse your offerings. Different signage strategies for your business are essential to help people find your store, discover where to park, and understand where to enter. This sets a positive tone for their shopping experience.