I’ve been saying that traditional sales is dead for at least five years.

Now that I’ve insulted the bulk of my audience, let me explain why I have been saying that. It really all comes down to basic economics. Do you remember the phrase “perfect information”? It was an assumption in economics that actually gave sales people a tremendous amount of leverage — in the PAST.

You and Your Customers Have Access to Perfect Information

The internet, has given all of us access to about the most “perfect information” that we have ever had. And economics 101 tells us that when buyers have perfect information, they become more price sensitive and start using their knowledge to negotiate prices.

This puts traditional sales people who are still under the illusion that they are actually CONVINCING prospects to choose them at a severe disadvantage.

When Time Became More Valuable and How to Leverage Time as Your Strategy

The instant the internet got mobile in the form of laptops, mobile devices, iPads, etc. and allowed everyone to connect online and to people at every opportunity is when TIME became a critical strategic sales and marketing element.

You’ve already seen the Windows Mobile commercials where people are texting and checking email in the middle of soccer games, you’ve already been insulted by having your dinner companion check their email or text something in the middle of adeep conversation. You’ve probably even been the one interrupting your real life experience to see what’s happening online.

Instead of making us more productive, all of this has made us more frazzled. So why do we think that our prospects and customers aren’t feeling the same way?  THEY ARE.

Pay Attention to TIME

I’ve been obsessed about this topic ever since I read The 24-Hour Customer and since then, my reticular activator (brain radar) has been spotting books and experts on this topic all over the place.

In my latest article at AMEX Open Forum, I’ talk about Being at the Right Place at the Right Time as a real strategy and maybe even potential business model.

I’ve just reviewed Selling to the C-Suite and guess what — this book talks about how critical it is to get to the CEO early in the process.

I’d love to hear your thought on how TIMING has become such a critical component of marketing.