You already know the basics of business marketing and promotion. But what if you’re ready to move beyond the basics What if you’ve mastered social media and you know all about guerilla marketing already? What if you’re ready to think bigger and do more? What if you’re ready to get more creative and get more involvediStock_000000652736XSmall

Host/Create an Event

You already know that a great way to endear yourself to your audience and build your business brand is to create and put on an event of some sort. If your business is big enough and your reach is wide enough you might even think about putting on a convention. No matter how big you make it, the idea is to create a shared cultural experience that attendees will mentally tether to your brand.

Of course, events can be complicated things. Not only are you going to need help keeping track of the details, your attendees are going to want something that helps them have a better experience. One way to facilitate this is to experiment with different forms of multimedia, technology and networking tools. Thebest event appscan also help you to organize the event from the ground up.

Teach a Class

Teaching a class accomplishes a couple of things. It brings in revenuestudents must pay admission to the class after all. It also helps you promote yourself (and, by extension, your business) as an expert in a particular field or industry. This helps bolster whatever blog or online presence you have too. Classes also work well to create a bond between you and your students. When people feel bonded to you, they are more likely to buy the things you make and sell. They are also more likely to talk you up to their own friends and colleagues.

It’s kind of like you’re building your own street team!

Even better, thanks to the evolution of online learning and technology, you can run the entire class through the Internet!

Some people also require that students buy the products or services that they sell through their businesses. This is really up to you. If you are already charging admission, though, it might make you look bad.

Hold a Contest

Not just a contest for a free product or a discount off of a future purchase. Hold a contest for a major prize. Make the requirements for the contest separate from your business. For example: hold a contest encouraging people to help the community.

For example, hold a school supply drive for a local school that you know has had financial difficulty. Have people drop off their donations at your place of business and enter their name into a pool to win?something big, like a vacation package or tickets to a highly popular (and expensive) event or maybe even a car if you can afford it!

You might even simply use a contest app to help you manage the entries. There are a lot of good ones out there now.

People will appreciate the altruism and will reward you for itnot just by purchasing your products themselves but by promoting you to everybody they know. The entity benefiting from your altruism is also likely to promote the contest so you’ll likely get more traffic and potential buyers that way as well!

Plus you get to do something good for someone else, which always feels amazing.

These are just a few things that you can do to raise your own marketing bar and bring in more business for your products and services. Pick the one that sounds the most feasible, beneficial, and fun and go with that!